Speed Up Your Website

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While doing some work on a site the other day I realised it was running slow and taking time to load. As we all Know Time is Money! For every second your site takes to load you are losing customers.. and losing subscribers and losing money. The method I show you is simple, will cost you nothing, and take less than 15 minutes. Enjoy the video and if you find it useful please SHARE!!!! … [Read more...]

The Trouble With Steve


I’ve known Steve (name changed to protect the guilty) for about 10 years, he’s an online “friend”. I first met him in the first Forum I joined when I decided to try my hand at IM, the forum was called Keyword Avalanche and it was originally designed to help you find profitable keywords for made MFA sites (Made For Adsense) In fact I still know a lot of people who were members there. Many have gone on to make a full time income online. (not Steve!) For many of us the Forum was the perfect learning environment, we could share what we learnt and bounce ideas off of each other and … [Read more...]

Tsunami Sites Review – Video

I was sent a link to an intriguing plugin the other day called Tsunami Sites. It was so Intriguing that I bought it. One of the things I am focusing on at the moment is building a small network of sites targeting broad niches but using "interesting" content rather than niche content. i.e mix buzzfeed or Viral nova with an old style niche site and you'll get the idea. This plugin is perfect for adding viral content that gets shared and in return driving traffic to the site where the "Money" articles will be featured. There is nothing quite as nice as adding content to your site in a … [Read more...]

The “Do Awesome” 30 Day Challenge


Last week following the post an email about trying to always "Do Awesome" I got asked if I could do a video about exactly what I would do to start an online business. I felt like Captain Jean Luc Picard. I gathered my team around me and said "Make it So" They said .. "You do it".. (well apart from the cat who said "stroke me I am the supreme being" - bloody cats!) So I did What's The "Do Awesome" 30 Day Challenge? It's simply 30 videos and 30 emails designed to be viewed in the time  it takes you to drink a coffee. Over the 30 days It will take you from the basics of … [Read more...]

Do Awesome


So there I was this morning enjoying a good old fashioned English breakfast.. Bacon, egg, sausage, beans, fried bread... hash browns? (no idea when they became part of an english breakfast!) when a good friend of mine came in. I asked him what he was doing today and he told me he is going to play in a professional golf tournament. It seems he read about a qualifying competition and decided he'd try to qualify .. he did. I asked him how did he think he's get on and he replied: " no idea but I know I'll walk up the 18th having given it everything I can." If I make the cut thats … [Read more...]

Facebook Audience Insights Tool


Over the past few weeks I've spent a lot of time working with Facebook Interests and i've shared a lot of what I've learned via webinars and Fb Ad Ninja. I got an email the other day after a webinar that said.. "For weeks I've been seeing people promoting tools that gets back Facebook's precise interest targeting. Should I use this" My advice on this is don't use it! Apart from the obvious issue of using something that Facebook doesn't want to be used, there is a much better tool that you can use that is provided by Facebook. Audience Insights Is it any good? Lets just put … [Read more...]

Take a Look At My Results


This is an email I sent to my list today, you can join my list at the bottom of the page if you don't want to feel you are missing out We are all voyeurs at heart. We love to peek through the curtains and see what other people are doing. There were a couple of people having a stupid argument about something trivial in town the other night and you could see people straining the ligaments in their ears trying to listen. It was actually funnier watching people who were intensely interested in what was happening pretending not to be interested. We are naturally curious in what other … [Read more...]