Fit for Business??

By Mark / August 17, 2006

I’ve been ill for a few days and really not been able to concentrate on my business..yes all the sites and products are a business just as sure as if I was located in a large office block downtown. (actually downtown here is one street where cars vie with donkeys and mules for parking..but you know what I mean!) This got me thinking about a few things. Firstly what would happen to my business if something serious happened to me?? Allison knows part of it but what if she had to hire someone to run it for a while…would they know what to do??

Take time to document your procedures so anyone can take over from you for a while.

The second thing is something I’ve been looking at for a few weeks and that is physical fitness. I noticed recently that i’ve put on a lot of weight over the past few months . This is purely down to the fact that I’ve been working 12 hours a day 7 days a week on various projects. I’ve stopped doing any of the things I used to do to keep myself relatively fit. It’s all too easy to sit at the PC and grabbing a can a pepsi or coke every few hours. 2 weeks ago I started to keep all the old cans of drink next to the PC so i could monitor how much of this rubbish I was drinking…Once I saw how much i soon stopped and moved onto water or lime juice.

I am now taking a few hours a day to go cycling and took a whloe day off yesterday and went on a picnic with the family and some friends. I am now finding that i am concentrating more on what i am doing and achieving much more in a shorter period..

Get away from the PC for a few hours and try to keep your business, mind and body fit..

Finally I am working on a review section for the site where you will be able to place reviews of products and rate them. I hope to have this live in a week or 2 with multiple reviews of products you should be able to get an unbiased idea of how good they actually are.

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