Google Hates You!

By Mark

September 19, 2011 Internet Marketing 54 Comments

Blackhat or WhitehatGoogle Hates You!.. They do, they loath you and spend all their massive resources trying to stop you earning money online, They hate they way your sites clog up their nice databases… well at least it seems that way.

I really do wonder if sometimes they have completely the wrong idea about what should rank in the indexes.  Last week i was doing a search for a particular golf club I wanted to buy, I typed in the club makers name and model and added review to the end , as I wanted to see what everyone else thought of it.  Almost every site on the front page was an online store.


The reviews were generally just a picture and the makers blurb about the club. I had to get right down to below 50th place to get a decent review by someone who had used it… how does that give a good customer experience?  The guy who wrote that review had spent sometime giving his impressions and his experiences , the content was unique but because he didn’t have a big budget SEO company working 24/7 to get his site ranking high he was virtually ignored.  Why So low ? probably because he had a link to the club on amazon.



One of my members at WordPress Goldmine recently had a whole heap of trouble with Google all to do with a DCMA notice that was filed against her , her crime? To add a youtube video to her site that had a share and embed link available. Sorry Mr Google if someone adds the ability to share a video then complains the problem isn’t with the people who have used the videos. The worst problem she had was actually getting anyone at google  to respond to her.


Almost everyday I see people with 100% white hat sites who write lots of original content get penalized, the problem is it’s impossible to be 100% White Hat. In an ideal world google wants you to build a site then leave it and hope people find it naturally,  if you get people to like it, post links to it then you no doubt breach their terms and conditions which are incredibly broad and contradictory, for example this is taken from the Webmasters help page at google (


Examples of link schemes can include:

  • Links intended to manipulate PageRank
  • Links to web spammers or bad neighborhoods on the web
  • Excessive reciprocal links or excessive link exchanging (“Link to me and I’ll link to you.”)



The quote above from Goolgle’s guide to what it considers link schemes implies that reciprocal links that aren’t excessive are ok (point 3) ….  but the first point says that any links intended to manipulate page rank are not allowed..   Now call me stupid but doesn’t every link you get manipulate page rank.


It’s this lack of clarity thats is infuriating. Whats more it punishes basically good web site builders and leaves the door open to blackhat site builders.



I did a another search over the weekend and virtually the who top 10 consisted of baldy spun content that was taken from the 1 good article there , it was the same content just 9 of the sites were unreadable. Surely this isn’t acceptable or an example of what Goolge is trying to achieve.


I consider myself to be a white hat site builder so I and every other white hat site builder are more likely to feel the wrath of google for getting a few links or having someone “like” our pages or commenting on a few blogs because we don’t feel the need to cover out tracks. We are easy picking adding penalties to our sites is like shooting fish in a barrel. With a manual review almost everyone of our sites would probably be penalized because we will have broken some google rule.


On the other hand the Blackhat site builders take lots of precautions, use private networks, pump out 100′s of thousands of profile links like via tools like xrumer as a result of the precautions they get away with it.  Is there really any point to being a White hat site builder anymore? Maybe we should all just just take Adsense off of our sites, remove our sites from google analytics, Use privacy when we register our domains and spread the sites among lots of small hosting accounts then turn to the dark side?




So the Question I wan tho pose to you today is, Are google’s current methods forcing intrinsically white hat site builders to start to adapt black hat methods?


Let me know what you think.

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