Getting Real with Social Media

By Mark / September 21, 2011

social mediaThis is a the latest in a series of guest posts , This Guest Post is by Alden Tan,

There’s been a lot of talk on social media and online marketing today, most commonly about it being the “way to go” when it comes to bringing businesses online. As it is the talk of the town like the popular school girl, you are supposedly an idiot to not jump on the social media bandwagon.

So why would you be an idiot not to get on board?

  1. Good business prospects
  2. Great form of communications
  3. Easy way to make more money
  4. More and more businesses are doing it anyway
  5. Low costs compared to brick and mortar businesses

Although the above all sounds damn fine and dandy, it is bloody imperative to not get caught up with the flow of things else you may just end up being slammed against a hard rock when the current gets too strong.

Does it even make you feel good?

Many people promote how easy and accessible the different social media platforms are. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Stumbled Upon, Blogging etc. Whatever it is, you name it, and it’s DEFINITELY going to give you the traffic, hits and money because it’s apparently so damn easy!

Now with so many purportedly easy tools to use; so easy that most people would urge, nay JAM it down your throat to use them, do you even stop to ponder: Do you even LIKE using them? Do these tools actually give you the ease and hence satisfaction for you and your work?

If you answered no to the above questions, then I suggest you just forget about it all completely and focus on what’s best for yourself. It’s the internet. Many people are talking, and there’s an overwhelming amount of information. If you choose to believe what others say rather than your inner most feelings, then it’s definitely to create more problems for you.

For my own blog, everything about it makes me feel good. When I write an article, it doesn’t feel like a drag. I am not fully utilizing every social media channel yet, but guess what? I am fine with it, cause I feel good as of right now and I am believe in taking my time and doing things right first.

Are you reading Social Media right? 

With the multitude of information that can be found online, there are people out there making things seem bigger and fancier than it actually is.

“Increasing the presence of your company’s name and engagement level” could merely be a few status updates and answering some comments.

“Showing the public your company is up to date with social media” could mean someone inside Tweets and spams unrelated nonsense.

Social media is a great, and flexible tool, so remember to use it wisely.

How do you become a “Social Media Expert”?

How are these guys expert? If you are judging them due to their knowledge in social media and being wowed by the number of Likes and Followers they have, you are very sorely mistaken.

Again, Social Media is merely a tool. It’s up to YOU to fuel it with IDEAS. Creativity, passion, drive, diligence, they all come into play! For example, a video you created doesn’t automatically go viral just because it’s on Youtube or on your website. You need provocative content and good influencers.

If you want the “guaranteed results” and greatly improve “your company’s ROI”, then get to work. Sit your ass down, and start thinking.

You don’t become an expert in a day, and neither do you gain success overnight.

And with that, as with life, everything requires hard work and real effort.  Social Media is something for you TO USE, not to take over your business entirely. Social Media helps to add value and you have to be in it for the long haul!

Byline: Alden Tan is the author and owner of For funny stuff and a real perspective on life and its craziness, head on there for laughs and real inspiration. AWW YEAH!

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