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By Mark / October 24, 2011

Sorry it’s been a while since I posted, I was very busy producing a new WSO then last week I had some friends from the WPG Forum come and visit and I never got to complete the post I was writing.


Which is actually a good thing as it was a rant against some marketers that seem intent on killing Internet Marketing by promoting methods that don’t work and by finding dubious methods of getting money out of customers, but that will keep for another day as I am sure it isn’t going to go away very soon.


It’s been quite a depressing time for me personally in the past few weeks I’ve lost 4 of my hero’s who have passed away long before their time, now I class my hero’s as someone i’d drop everything  for just to sit down with them in a bar or around a dinner table and spend a few hours just chatting.


One of them was someone 99% of the people reading this will not know a cricketer called Graham Dilley, aficionados of cricket remember the Headingly Test match against Australia in 1981 as the greatest test match ever.  2 People are always remembered when that amazing victory is talked about Ian Botham and Bob Willis but Dilley was equally important supporting Botham at the crease and scoring 56 runs. For those of you who don’t know about cricket thats a bit like a pitcher hitting several home runs in a game.


Graham Dilley’s Death was somewhat overshadowed by the death of another of my hero’s Steve Jobs. Since his passing i’ve heard him called the greatest inventor of all time this just isn’t true, I don’t think Steve Jobs ever invented anything, what it did and did superbly is see a product and see it’s potential. He was a visionary.


He looked at the MP3 Player and saw it could be the iPod

He looked at a Phone and saw it could be the iPhone

He looked at the iPhone and saw the iPad


I don’t know about you but with every apple product of the past few years I didn’t know I needed it until i got it.  I am on record somewhere as saying whats the point of an iPad it’s a stupid idea…  If i dropped and broke mine today I’d be straight to the nearest apple store and i’d buy another, it’s the same with my iPhone.


Last week when the guys fro WPG were here, I was answering help desk calls while sat on the beach drinking beer and eating great food, using an app on my iPhone , the calls were answered within a few minutes of being logged, as opposed to a few hours if I am at my pc.  At one point i logged into my account on a server using the lastpass app and changed some files.  Thanks Steve!


This is supposed to be an Internet Marketing blog so where are the lessons here for Internet Marketers,…  Do What Steve did,  find what works and envisage all the potential, find something and improve on it until people think you invented it, until you become synonymous with it.


Even if all you’ve got at the moment is a few Adsense blogs, think what you can do to make those blogs better than anyone else’s.


Thats it for today, nothing to sell or market to you, I’ve got a brilliant plugin i want to show you but I’ll do that tomorrow..


RIP Steve, Graham, Dan and Marco – Thanks for all the pleasure you gave me and millions of others.

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