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By Mark / October 31, 2011

I sent out an email last week about how things stay the same in the Online Marketing World despite the hundreds of magic bullet products that we see every year.

I had several positive comments about the theme of providing more and consuming less, so I thought it would be good to expand it some more here.

First off the email will be at the bottom of the post, it was the 2nd of a 2 part email.  It did go on a bit too long and I had to cut it so i’ll flesh it out a little here.


Firstly what do I mean by Provide More Consume Less, If you’ve been in Internet marketing for more than a few months you probably know most of what you need to know. There really is very little new that you need to know. Granted things do change , For example what worked in SEO 3 years ago doesn’t work now and Facebook Marketing wasn’t a blip on the horizon 3 years ago.

However the basics are just the same.  You need to know 3 things


How To Create

How To Market 

How To Monetize 

Whether it is an Adsense site, an Amazon site or a product on Guinea Pig Racing the principles are the same.

If you become a provider you are creating the sites, you are selling things or facilitating the sale to the consumers.  Recently I sold 5  Clickbank products about creating a specific type of business that earned me $90 each in commission.  That is  $450 was simply on the back of me spending time  and creating the environment where people would buy the products.

They are the Consumers – You are the Provider. At least thats how it should be.

To start to make more money today is simple


1. Provide more ,

Give consumers more opportunities to pay you money.  Add more sites, Add more products, Add more free reports.  If you create products they don’t have to be award winning huge products. In the past year I’ve made much more by simplifying things.  Got sites that make you $100 a month?  Tell people how you do it. If their sites make $75 a month they’ll be interested.  Look at what Bethany did in the email below, 2 months to make enough money to be a full time Intent Marketer, just chasing the stuff others assume isn’t profitable

I was chatting with a group of about 20 people today who had a challenge to make $50,000 in 3 months  One smashed that figure into oblivion, one doubled it and several broke it or are close to breaking it… Nothing they created or sold was for more than about $17.  The ones that are succeeding just got their heads down and did it. They aren’t superhuman, they are no different to anyone of us.

You can do it as well….

2. Consume Less

Just buy what you need, even if it’s just something that will refresh what you already know it will be of far more value than if it’s a shiny hyped magic button that will just sit on your hard drive. Focus on what will make your sites/projects make more money.    (Maybe that should have been buy more wisely)

Thats it,  2 steps only and it will work. I guarantee it.


Now Go and Do it…. Set yourself a target to provide more before friday.


 Yesterday I told you about how I read a report and how the

things that work now are exactly the same as the ones that

worked when I started out 7 years ago.


Despite all the hype and magic buttons that get hyped

Internet marketing is no different from the marketing thats

been done for centuries.


There are 2 classes of people providers and consumers

your target should be to become a provider not a consumer.


If you create a website with information and someone buys

from you you are a provider. If you create a product and

people buy it, once again you are a provider.


Now this is where things get sticky!


When you start out in IM you are a consumer, you buy products

that teach you how to become a provider. When you are a

provider you buy products that help you become a better provider


Believe it or not people who we look up to as guru’s

(is that an Oxymoron? ) even at times buy products from those

higher up the marketing food chain.


The Secret  = Consume Less Provide More


So what should you be doing to make money today?


There are 2 things that you can start to do today that will have

an instant impact.



Provide More


Look at your business and work out where you can

provide more.


If you have a site that getting 1000 visitors a month.

Build a list around it.  Create products a round it.


If you are selling a clickbank product, commission your own


20 sales a month of a $7 report might not seems much

but when you have 20 sites running on autopilot doing

similar soon mounts up


In yesterdays blog post ( I talked about

people making $30,000 a month as affiliates from low cost



Thats something to aspire to!



Target the Easy Money.


How many here would not bother with a keyword that

has 500 searches per month?  Probably most yet you’ll

rank easily for it, and 2 or 3  pages of easy ranking 500 search

keywords, sure beats struggling to rank a term that lots

of people are targeting


In fact the report I read yesterday is about just that.

It reveals how one of the members of WordPress Goldmine

(yes i did buy it!)  went from a J.O.B to Full time IM in just 2

months , by just targeting easy to rank keywords.


It’s currently selling at less than $6 and comes as a report and

a check list to follow



Even if you don’t buy it look at how Bethany marketed it,

How she took exactly what she was doing and created a product


It embodies everything I would like to see everyone who is

reading this do.


Be a Provider


Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to see

everyone reading becoming full time IM’ers.



Sorry that went on a bit long!


Mark “Just Do It” Thompson














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Gina Reedy

That’s a pretty good point. It also holds true for saving money. People should always save a % of each paycheck or they may endup on a downward spiral of never gaining money. I believe people should also invest a set % of each paycheck as well.


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