Is it Time You Changed Your Mindset?

By Mark / November 9, 2011
Change your mindset

Change your mindsetIn the past 7 days I’ve had the pleasure to meet 2 very successful Internet marketers who are living life on their terms,  On sunday I had Dinner with Noel Swanson who created Unique Article Wizard and is currently sailing around the world in his Catamaran Life part 2. I’d like to think he crossed from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean just so he could have lunch with me.

The 2nd was Shola Adiboye who currently travels around Europe working online as she goes, summers In Sweden , winters in Spain, the occasional trip home to the United States and she throws in a few weeks in London and Budapest for good measure.

During both chats the talk turned to mindset and how some people have the right mindset and others don’t and really struggle to get their minds to a place where they can make a real success of Internet Marketing.

I’ll freely admit that it’s only recently that I’ve almost got the right mindset but there still is a few steps to go.  Thats the thing about the right mindset to make (a lot of ) money online it’s not something you can change overnight it’s a gradual process.

I’ve been trying to find a decent allegory to demonstrate what I mean and I am struggling, I suppose the closest I can get is that it’s like growing up,  when you are born you need your parents to look after you, they feed you and nourish you and make sure you feel safe.

Then as you get older you get more adventurous and you need a little less security , then you eventually leave home and think you have it made, but then you find you occasionally need advice and help from your parents, it’s only when you get to your 30’s and 40’s that you are truly  confident and live life on your terms.

Thats how the IM Mindset develops, it can take quite a while for you to be totally confident and not needing any type of security.

I think the younger you are the easier the change of mindset is, If you are in your late teens and early twenties then you don’t know what it’s like to have the security of a Job and a mortgage. You find that people in their late 30’s and 40’s know what it’s like to “have a job for life” know what it’s like to know that in 25 years the house you live in will be yours so it’s often a difficult step from that security to committing to earning you lively hood from Adsense, clickbank and products etc.

The problem is today there are very few Job’s for life, Things have moved on dramatically in the past 10 years,  Internet marketing is probably as secure as you’ll get but you need to embrace it. You need to embrace the IM Lifestyle, Many banks won’t lend to you on the basis of online income so if you want the security of a roof over your head that you own you need to buy it in cash or at least a big percentage cash.

In the meantime you rent, and if you are going to rent you might as well rent somewhere that suits your lifestyle, The current economic climate means that you can get amazing value for your money in most places in the world. Even at the hight of my corporate career I could never have hoped to live where I do now, then I paid a similar amount to lease a car than I now spend on rent!

But first you have to change your mindset and you start do that by making decisions.


Am I going to Watch TV or Am I going to Do something to build My business?

Am I going to drive a flash car or choose something practical and use the money I save to expand my business

Am I going to Build a list or just create another Adsense blog?

Am I going to work 9 to 5 until I get made redundant or am I going to create my own income.

Am I going to take responsibility for my decisions or am I going let others dictate what I do

Am I going to be a consumer or am I going to be a provider

Am I going to take action on the the stuff I read In that report or am I just going to let it sit on my hard drive.

Every single one of you reading this can make a full time income online, you can decided what you want to earn.  Do you want to earn $50,000 a month?  You can.  Do you want to earn $100,000 a month?  You can.

You have got the tools and knowledge to hand you just have to want it, be prepared to step out of your comfort zone …and want it bad enough that it hurts.


Oh and one more thing….    BELIEVE

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And belief may be the hardest part of all depending upon how old you are, too.


Emran Saiyed

Your are 100% right.. you have to sacrifice some things to achieve bigger things in life. I stopped watching TV and started building my online business. Now I know it will not be easy but I have decided to spend my time to educate and learn new things to build my online business the way I want.


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