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By Mark / November 14, 2011
warrior special offers

warrior special offersDuring the interview I did with Rob Stafford Yesterday I made an off the cuff comment that I thought every marketer should do a WSO, In this post I want to expand a bit more on that. There are 3 aspects I want to cover, Buying WSO’s Selling WSO’s and Producing WSO’s. Whether you hate or Love WSO’s I’d welcome your comments

Let me say this first as I am sure some of you are readying your negative comments already… I’ve heard it all before … WSO’s are all scams , WSO’s are rehashed crap, WSO’s have no value. Thats like saying all baseball players are fat tobacco chewing hillbillies, or that all women are bad drivers,  it’s a stereotype that is just not true.

I’ll tell you what WSO’s are they are edgy, they are fresh, they are in short the rock and roll of the Internet marketing business. I know you probably all think I have gone mad or been out in the sun too long I can assure you I’m as sane as always and it’s been raining here for the past few days.

In the past year you’ll probably have found more scam products released on Clickbank than in the WSO forum, why do you think Clickbank are desperately trying to clean up house ? Unfortunately It’s a bit like shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. People have lost confidence in Clickbank as they ignored all the scam products  and overly hyped ones and were happy to let the crap be sold there so long as they got their fees. For the past 18 months or so people who have released deceptive WSO’s have been removed from the Forum and banned. The WSO Guys have been cleaning house long before any other network even considered it.

Over the weekend a WSO was removed because it was a bit too similar to the vendors previous one, which didn’t deliver on what it promised.

Then you have the Dinosaurs still releasing their $2000 products, I believe Product Launch Formula XIV is due for release soon.  A Product Launch product, about product launches being promoted by people who will all promote each others product launches using methods from the old product launch formula products.  Lazy lazy lazy marketing. There is nothing and has never been anything that you’ll learn in any $2000 product that you can’t learn elsewhere for considerably less.

So lets get back to WSO’s or Warrior Forum Special offers as they are officially called, don’t let the name confuse you they have long moved on from being solely special offers for members of the warrior forum they have developed into a full blown product marketplace.

Not only does it mean that you can pick up products for a fraction of the value you’d have to pay if it was a product on clickbank you also get ideas and techniques that are generally working today and not a year ago when the clickbank product was first released. Want to learn about Facebook marketing and using a new feature released yesterday? They’ll be a good quality fresh product along very soon, Want to see how to attract offline customers, they’ll be a product by someone genuinely earning a few thousand dollars a month in their local community.

If you want it you’ll be able to find it in the WSO forum..

I often get people comment and say, “But why would anyone share a method that really works?”  There are lot’s of reasons some financial some personal plus creating and marketing your own product is a real Buzz!  Why didn’t Steve Jobs just make awesome MP3’s players, phone and computers for himself and his friends? Why do people In forums happily share methods that work for them?

Another Reason WSO’s deserve your attention is that WSO’s also tend to be less full of filler , if you are producing a $10 product then you don’t need to add a load of filler than is so common in products that need to justify their $97 price. So you get just the facts that are important. There are still things I don’t like, particularly the tendency for too many One Time Offers, this seems to get people very upset but don’t lose sight of the fact that we are marketers (and I mean you too dear reader!)  and what we do is market , so if you don’t like it just click the no I am not interested link and grab the product you just paid $7 for.

It’s been a long time since I saw a WSO that was a scam and a quick look at the comments will usually tell you all you need to know about it,  I generally ignore any comment posted within 4 hours of the WSO going live as they will probably be from reviewers, after that then the comments are usually from buyers.  If I spend $10 on a WSO and it’s not good I generally just write it off to experience and don’t buy from that person again. $10 is a much sweeter lesson than $2000.

You can get refunds of WSO’s although I generally don’t bother unless it’s something that has been misrepresented in the sales page and even then i’ll often not bother if it’s less than $10, My view is that if I buy a WSO thats is as described in the sales letter and I find I know the method I don’t refund. It’s down to me for buying it there are usually enough clues in the thread if you look.

Another reason why you shouldn’t ignore WSO’s is that it’s a way for you to create and market products cheaply, for under $70 you can have a product in a marketplace where thousands of dollars a day are spent on products, and that’s only going to get bigger.  Don’t expect to make money with your early WSO’s they are mostly about building a name for yourself and getting a few subscribers plus learning how to market properly.

I generally don’t like doing Free WSO’s as  you generate a list of people who will expect free stuff in the future but if you are starting out a free wso or a WSO with 100% commission is a good way to get your list started. However if you have no list then give a free WSO a go. But make sure you have a back end sales funnel in place first.

You will find that you can pick up affiliates much easier in the WSO forum than somewhere like clickbank and if one of the affiliates with a big list promotes you thats a few hundred sales and a few hundred buyers on your list. Thats more valuable that you probably realize.

Whether you just need information or learn a profitable technique, or are an affiliate or a product creator then WSO’s can be a valuable addition to your marketing.

As an affiliate you can head to the Warrior Plus site and see all the stats for products that have been released, hunt back a few weeks I guarantee you’ll find products that are converting at 15-20% and earning an EPC of $1.50 or more those are stats that many marketers would bite your hand off for.

Watch how the guys who market WSO’s on a regular basis work and you’ll learn more about marketing than in a week than any $2000 course can teach you, I got an email from Chris Munch last week that was a great example.

He noticed that lots of people were promoting a WSO for PLR videos , so he directed people to another product that no one else was promoting, in the process he explained exactly why the other offer was better, in one email he informed, educated and marketed. Definitely not your typical “Buy This” email and an example of why Chris who emails offers daily has a good retention and open rate on his lists..

These products will also not have been sent to every email list in the known universe. You’ll probably be the only person that will have promoted it to your subscribers, while other less enlightened marketers are pitching the latest high priced crap that everyone is trying to sell you’ll be pitching a good quality low priced product.

So if you haven’t checked out the WSO forum for a while check it out today, whether you just want to learn, or are an affiliate or product creator you will find that it can be if great benefit to you.

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Sajan Elanthoor

Hi Mark

Very useful post as usual. May I suggest you to start a forum too so that people can share their ideas and communicate each other more effectively.



I have a forum!!


Billig Reisen

hey mark,

i am from germany an always look at the WSO´s – some offers are really good and helpful. i will check out your WSO offer now.


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