Earning Money online = simple economics.

By Mark / August 24, 2006

I got thinking today about why so many people fail to make money online. I am convinced that it all comes down to simple economics. If you spend more than you earn then you won’t make any money online. Simple Isn’t it!. I have seen so many people over the past year who say to me I’ve bought Product A, and product b and product c now how do i use them to make money. I usually reply by asking them why they bought it and it’s invariably because someone recommended it.

Now many of these recommendations are genuine, people are using the tools to make money BUT they also have experience and a Plan. Just buying tools because they are recommended and working for some people doesn’t guarantee you sucess. Do you remember when you first started driving? Did you go out and buy a high powered sports car the day before you had your first driving lesson?? When you passed your test what was the first car you bought something high powered with lots of features you did have any Idea about or a nice basic car that you felt comfortable with?

Earning money online is very similar. First learn how to make money then practice for a while and pick up new skills and then finally you may be able to get the best out of all the tools available.

The key to this is being realistic in your earning expectations. I’ll tell you now that you won’t make $25,000 in your first few months. Be more realitic aim to make $50 in your first month. If $50 is you target try not to spend more than $25 on tools etc. My first Info product cost me $0 to produce and has made me $300 so far. I placed it on Clickbank after I had made enough money on paypal to cover the costs. $300 isn’t going to set the world alight but it’s a start and I learned a lot from it. After you’ve made your $50 choose a new target. Build your income up learning all the time and you will have a firm foundation. Setting realistic tagets and controlling your costs also has another positive side effect. You won’t get so easily disillusioned.

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