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By Mark / November 28, 2011
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online shoppingToday is cyber monday, supposedly the best day for online buying of the year, can I assume that you’ve changed your marketing for today and the next 4 weeks?

If you haven’t  then you’ve missed a a big trick, and it’s all to do with the buying dynamic.

Spend a moment to think about what happens in the first 11 months of the year, we generally buy online for ourselves. We know what we want, we are looking for the best deal and we are looking for information about the products and what they will do for us.

Now consider buying for christmas, what are we looking for now?  Ideas for gifts, we don’t really care about what they will do for us and we aren’t all that interested in information we just want something that will be appreciated by the person who receives the gift.

You can make this work in your favor by adding images  and test that say things like  “Perfect Gift for Grandma”  “What every Woman wants This Christmas”

The buyers aren’t telling us what they want to buy they are relying on us as online sellers to tell them. So tell them that head massager that you’ve sold 1 of in the previous 11 months is a great gift and will be treasured, tell them what to buy, give guidance and advice.

Change the wording on your site and target different keywords,  words like Gift,Present and Christmas should be liberally scattered around,  guest posts , press releases and articles should target the christmas period and nothing else. If you have testimonials or reviews , try to find ones that mention how the gift was received and mentions the christmas keywords.

Also allay fears, what does everyone fear about online buying at christmas?

Non delivery before christmas, so tell them it’s guaranteed delivery in 48 hours or 72 hours.  Tell them they can order up to December 20th to guarantee delivery or what ever day is the deadline.  If it’s a downloadable product tell them they can even buy it on Christmas day if the need to.

Don’t forget to include items like gift vouchers, whats the perfect last minute gift for someone you forgot to buy for?  I don’t know  but  tell the shopper it’s a Digital gift voucher!

If you’ve built a list… you have build a list haven’t you ?…ohhhh please tell me you have! Well now is the time that all those people who bought nothing throughout the year are going to thank you and become a customer for life because you are going to remind them via an autoresponder series that they need to get started with their christmas shopping and that you have some great gifts and you are also going to send them ideas for gifts …along with the links 🙂

Consider a few simple changes to your product review sites and you’ll reap the rewards.

I’d really appreciate your ideas for marketing over christmas and comments so leave a comment below and don’t forget to make use of the comment luv feature to get a link back to your latest blog posts.

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Keith Jones

Over here between 18 and 20% are now ordering online with their mobile phones or ipads.



Mike Thomas

It certainly is a different mentality when you are buying for someone else. You want to buy them something nice, but at the same time you want them to know just by looking at it that you spent a lot on it.



Thanks for this tip Mark.

I’ll definitely go through my most popular posts and add a few more gift giving guide tips.

On another note, have you noticed all of the Facebook notes pages dominating the front pages of Google for almost everything? It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

Facebook discontinued allowing the import blog feature in its notes section on Nov. 22nd but those lucky affiliates who got thru seem to be dominating for a gigantic slew of Amazon product keywords. I missed that deadline by about a week. That was one sweet loophole.



Great ideas, Mark! Of course, they can also be used throughout the year as many people use Amazon to purchase birthday gifts every single day. Focusing on the “gift market” can be very lucrative all throughout the year.
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Great tips, I started adding these words to articles on a test site I have and the traffic did increase.
Ken recently posted..Finding Your Own Way in IMMy Profile


Gareth Morgan

Hey Mark, great content on this site. Unsure as to why I’ve never come across it before but I love this Christmas Marketing post. I’m not the best at buying gifts for others so I tend to fly through Amazon to see what’s popular. That usually does the trick. : )
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