What’s holding you back??

By Mark / September 22, 2008

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that that seems to be more things to hold you back than to propel you forward, mostly this is subconscious and it can be overcome.

How many times have you set out to build a site or an income stream and become sidetracked? If you can identify what’s holding you back then you are on the way to conquering these psychological anchors.

I spoke to a guy over the weekend who is on to make $25,000 this month. The impressive thing isn’t that he is making a good income every month but that he only started 5 months ago. In an earlier post I talked about another guy who set up a company supplying supplements and in 12 weeks his income rose  to $70,000 per month.

These 2 guys have 1 thing in common, they didn’t hold back, they had a vision and they went for it.

Whats holding you back?

Fear of failure?

Babe Ruth held the home run record for a very long time…did you know he also held the record for strike outs?? He succeeded because he wasn’t afraid of failing. I honestly learn more every time I fail that I do from a success. It’s my failures that have shaped my life not my successes.

Fear of Success?

This seems a bit strange , who can be afraid of success…plenty of people. How often have you heard…

“Money is the root of all evil” or ” It’s easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than a rich man to get to heaven”

People who say this mean well but if you’ve been hearing it since you were a child you will subconsciously think that success is wrong. Look around you at how most people resent successful ones. A part of you is telling you that you don’t want to be resented like that


So many people I talk to every day are afraid to go ahead with a project because it “isn’t ready yet” or they are still looking for the right header. Forget all that build it, promote it and then start to tweak it. Don’t put yourself under unnecessary pressure

Fear of risk??

This is quite straight forward, if you’ve taken risks and it’s worked out badly for you it could be that you subconsciously are afraid of taking risks. How many times have you thought “Better Safe than Sorry”?  why not try this next time…Nothing ventured nothing gained.

Try to identify whats holding you back and free yourself up,Then I could be writing about how made $50,000 in December!!

Finally I hope you like the new theme…I thought it was time I had a change. If you have a few minutes check out the video on the right, it’s created with a really cool bit of software and very viral..

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I notice one that keeps cropping up with me – fear of commitment. I’m often hesitant to start a project that I will have to actively support for some time and I admit that I prefer projects that I can set up and let go of, or at least support as and when I want to. I know that this prevents me from seeing more success in certain areas, but even so, the reluctance is there…



Over the past few days, I’ve pondered this same question about my progress or lack thereof. I’ve been flitting about for the pass five years trying to make something of this.

My passion is really research and I’ve tried to make myself into to something that I’m really not. I can find just about anything online and spend most of my days accumulating lots of information. It’s very hard for me to transition into production mode.

For five years, I’ve spent at least 3 hours a day on the internet and have nothing but a vast amount of awareness about everything but have not mastered anything except research. So if you know of anyone that wants a sharp researcher who understands the internet then I’m your girl:)

As much as it hurts me to say this in a public manner, I’ve decided to walk away from this and be a more attentive wife and mom to my family.



Hi Mark,

I like the new theme. Thanks for not using a header graphic depicting bushels of money flying everywhere.



Hmmm.. how about a ferrari and a yacht? I am sure I can find a stock photo of some! 🙂


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