Podcast Ep2 – Interview With Adsense Flippers

Today I had the real pleasure of interviewing Justin and Joe from http://adsenseflippers.com

These guys are masters at building AdSense sites on an industrial basis then flipping them a few months later for up to 25 times the income. A quick glance at their Flippa account shows multiple $2000-$3000 paydays.  If you think thats impressive well there is more, they are happy to share their techniques and methods with everyone.

You can check out their site at AdsenseFlippers¬† and if you want to check out what sites they have for sale then have a look at the “Buy Our Sites” page

If you have even the slightest interest in¬†Adsense¬†then make time to listen to this interview you’ll hear several tips that will help you earn¬†money¬†and avoid problems no matter what level you are at.


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Mike from Maine

I really liked the interview. It’s nice to hear that they actually met with an adsense representative. I always worry about waking up and having my adsense account turned off, but according to the rep. that doesn’t happen unless you’re doing something really against their TOS.
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Good work Mark… Really enjoyed listening to the interview
peter recently posted..The Easiest Way to Buy Your Oxford Shoes OnlineMy Profile


Justin | AdSense Flippers

Hey Mark,

Thank you for the interview…was fun! We’re looking to expand our brand a bit this year and this was exactly what we were looking for!

Hey Mike – She said that, in most instances, they will contact you via your AdSense account, email you signed up with, etc. I would make sure that whatever email address you signed up with that you check it regularly. If they alert you to a violation it’s something you’d want to get cleared up right away. Other than that, you should be fine!
Justin recently posted..Episode 6 AdSense Flippers Podcast: Getting Down And Dirty On PartnershipsMy Profile


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