Podcast Episode 3

podcast In this podcast I reveal a couple of really cool tips i picked up to help get you ranking on well on you tube.  I also look at some of this things i’ve been doing to shed some weight and get myself fit.

But perhaps most importantly I talk about some of the process I use that help me get tasks completed on time even when i don’t really fell like working.

I round off the podcast by talking about comment spam and by outing the company that spammed me this week.


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  1. Lee says

    Mark great post. Especially about keeping fitter. I always thought doing more would deliver less productivity, however except for the problem of not having Internet access when running I find the more exercise I do the more energy I have. Well done on the podcasts and the weight loss
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    Lee I find that listening to audio reports and podcasts when out walking really gets me motivated for when I get back home, another good use of the time I’m out exercising is to listen to business related audiobooks and autobiographies of entrepreneurs.


  2. says

    That was hilarious Mark!

    I’ve always enjoyed listening to your rants. You never take yourself too seriously which is great and there needs to be more of that in IM in general.

    All the best for your weight loss journey too, you seem to be doing well. I’m on a bit of a health kick myself. I’m probably about 5kg overweight but the amount of sugar I was eating was disgusting. I’ve made the switch to less sugary foods and its very hard, but at the end of the day it allows me to focus more on my work and not have those sugar highs (and lows) and have to take naps all the time.

    Anyway, catch ya round!
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