Have you Got a Personal Blog?

By Mark / February 3, 2012

Have you got a personal Blog?

If the answer is no then why not?

I understand that you might think that you have nothing to say but by starting a blog you do start to track your online journey and leave a record there for the future. The more you blog the better you writing skills become and the easier you’ll find it.

It doesn’t matter if you only talk about how you only made $10 and spent $40, lay out your successes and your failures. Talk about the tools you use and what works and what doesn’t . Believe me people are interested and 2 or 3 years down the line when you have a few hundred posts and are making $500 a day before you get out of bed people will be reading your blog for insights and inspiration.

I regularly look back at my posts from the past and marvel at how much i’ve learned, when I made that first blog post on August 4th 2006 did I think i’d still be blogging 5 and a half years later .. NO!  But a blog is more than just a collection of posts It’s actually like having your own Psychiatrist, putting things on a public blog focus’s your mind and helps you realize what you want to do and what you want to achieve.

Internet Marketing is all about dropping seeds everywhere, some never sprout but others grow into fruit bearing trees, and a blog and your blog posts are just a few more seeds that you drop. I could bore you with long lists on people who make money online who wouldn’t be where they are today without their blogs.

A blog can also be a stepping stone to a much better place.  It can open doors for you that wouldn’t normally be opened.  Do you think that Pat Flynn thought to himself  “If I start blogging I’ll be asked to speak at Blog World”  when he wrote his first blog post in 2008  http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/why-i-will-quit-my-job-for-a-passive-income/ ?  When he was writing that first blog post do you think he thought that he’d be earning $60,000 a month in January 2012.

I am equally sure that if you asked him he would say that updating his blog regularly has kept him on track and driven him forward, and it’s without a doubt the corner stone of his current business.

It’s the same for me, A personal blog helps to keep you focused and make you accountable to yourself and your readers, and future readers.

So get out there and start a blog,  at the end of the post you’ll see links to some of the members of WPG who have created blogs and who are documenting their progress…check them out you’ll be wiser for doing so!

Finally  huge congratulations to everyone who has completed month 1 of the 2012 challenge ($0 to $10,000 a month with a new business) The first target was $100 and a big lump of Kudos must go to Paul Nicholls who more than doubled this months target.  Next months target is $200 and I am sure we’ll have some great results to report as several income streams are starting to come online.

If you have a personal Blog then why not leave a comment below and make sure to click on the comment Luv button, that will then dispaly your last post for everyone to see…  Don’t bother if you are a spammer, I check each comment personally!





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Jeff Carson

Thanks for the shout out Mark. 🙂

I think it’s very intimidating coming to a blog like yours and seeing (on the right hand side) “June 2009”, “December 2006” and seeing how much you’ve done.

It’s a weird feeling (envious? un-worthiness?) that you’ve gotta get past for sure, and just press on making posts on your own blog…in month 2, or adding only the 5th post, or wherever may be.

Thanks for another inspiring post.
Jeff Carson recently posted..Another Holiday Season Here and Gone – And The Work Just Begins For Amazon AssociatesMy Profile



I just started the blog because I wanted to write about what I thought of Internet Marketing and track some of the the stuff I was doing I never thought that in 5 years or so i’d actually write more words than the average novel!

I really do find it useful and cathartic so much so i am starting a 2nd blog aimed at “Virtual Entrepreneurs” I’ll hopefully avoid some of the mistakes I made here 🙂


Shaun Baird

Nice post mate, reminds us why we need to keep pushing… thanks 🙂


Rich Russell

I started my personal blog late last year. I wasn’t really sure why at the time. I was just feeling the nudge that it was the right thing to do.

I never really wanted to be in the ‘make money online’ niche but I write about it because that is what I am doing. It’s my thoughts on what is happening in the industry rather than how to do it stuff.

My other big interest is personal development and the mindset you need to make this work. I think that is the really important aspect that is left out of most IM courses.

That is why I like the down to earth, straight talking style of this blog.

A personal blog also gives me license to have a rant about anything I want to. A grumpy old man needs that.
Rich Russell recently posted..Daily Gangster – Business Tools For Cheap – MaybeMy Profile



I really believe it’s possible to earn “passive income”. For anyone. Even so much I started a project developing a service that will let anyone earn a passive income. Most users won’t make a fortune but will get a nice addition to their income. But some will actually make a fortune, with almost no effort.
Peter recently posted..How to create love for adsMy Profile


paul nicholls blog

nice post mark and you have a good number of posts now on your blog

i have a bit of catching up to do ;-), i think im at about 35 now lol

looking forward to the end of this month, will be interesting to see how everyone is doing
for the project

the next 6 months will be very interesting to say the least

paul nicholls blog recently posted..33 Worst Mistakes Made by Internet MarketersMy Profile


Bill (LoneWolf) Nickerson

Hi Mark

I think my problem is that I don’t stay focused on things properly. I need to learn to do that. I have too many projects on the go. This year I’m focusing on less to finally get something done!

Blogging about what I’m learning online is one of the things that I will be focused on. It not only gives me an opportunity to practice writing (which I really enjoy) it also helps me to focus on the things I’m learning. Kind of a “sounding board” for my ideas. And hopefully others can learn from it as well.
Bill (LoneWolf) Nickerson recently posted..Integrity Marketing – Is This The Internet You Want?My Profile


Kathleen Gresham

I found this post really thought-provoking. I have dozens of blogs. Some contain mostly automated posts, but some are mostly original. And several are WordPress sites for different business services, such as writing web content, or building sites.

When I started out,. the general advice was “Pick a topic. Don’t just blather on about whatever is in your mind.” I’m interested in so many topics; it never occurred to me that anyone would want to read such disconnected musings.

Now, though, I’m thinking of using my web content writing portfolio WordPress site, which is under my own name, and really writing a blog there. Thank you for the inspiration to do that.



Big thank you Mark for sharing all that great information! It’s a fantastic “eye-opener” for someone like me. So far I have 3 blogs (1st- I started in 2010 on wordpress.com, 2nd – I started in 2011 on wordpress.org and 3rd – on blogger.com) so it’s a great time for me to learn how it works and what can I do.
Klaudia recently posted..What Do You Know About Facebook Manners?My Profile


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