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By Mark / October 23, 2006

Below is the latest email i sent out along with some further resources..


Hi guys,

We thought it about time we did an update. At this point I’d better explain something. If you have subscribed recently you will probably receive this out of sequence with the other emails , this is because the first 7 are on an auto responder and set to go out in sequence as they are more general in nature where as I am now going to be sending out these emails in real time, so apologies If you are having to read a couple of messages today.

Sorry if I’ve been a bit quite recently I have a number of projects that I am working on that are taking up a large portion of my time and I feel lucky and privileged that a number of software developers have asked me to test their software. There are defiantly some interesting tools going to be coming onto the market in the next few months.

However there still seems to be a big imbalance in the market that really should be exploited. The majority tools that I get to test all seem to concentrate on generating sites very few actually address the problems of getting traffic and site promotion. There are many tools that will address part of the problem for example if I want to promote a new site. I can use a tool like article post robot to post to article directories, link directory submitter to post links to site directories, rss submit to submit the feeds to feed directories but nothing that will take the links/rss feeds and automatically submit them. If you want to make a lot of money, work on creating a combined site promotion solution.

I’ve been looking closely at CPA (cost per action)advertising since the publicity that surrounded “the Death of Adsense” well obviously Adsense is not dead or even close to it but the very fact that it promoted CPA is a good thing. For example it’s approaching Halloween so If you were switched on you would have created a few Halloween Adsense sites last month to grab the seasonal traffic. I looked at Halloween related CPA products and found that you could give away free packs of Halloween candy on your site and for everyone that signed up for the free candy you would have been paid $1.80. Now I don’t know about you but I am sure that giving away candy is something that most of us could do.

Christmas is just around the corner so why not look and some Christmas orientated CPA programs and add them to your sites, it really isn’t necessary to look at the programs that pay big money like Adsense some of the best money can be earned by aiming at the lower paying programs that most people will ignore.

Finally a bit of an update on what I’ve been doing to earn money over the past month or so.

I’ve been concentrating on 3 types of sites recently Viral Instigator 2 , VP-A sites (virtual property architect) and my own type of sites where I build a small article site with unique articles and then add a commonsense search site to the back of it which is linked to from the article site.

Along with my product sales and a bit of affiliate marketing I have also added a new type of income to my “portfolio” Autosurfing. If you know about Autosurfing you will probably think I am mad. If you don’t know well it’s probably better that way unless you like a gamble. Autosurfing is only to be done with money you have spare I had a spare $60 a few months ago that I was quite prepared to lose and with some careful program selection and some referrals I’ve managed to build that to over $1000 already my daily income from it should be around $100 a day by the end of the month.

As I said only ever autosurf with money you don’t mind losing and withdraw your initial amount asap and then just use profits to upgrade with.

This is getting a bit long now so I’ll finish here. I’ll also place this on the blog and add details of any resources mentioned.


Until next time ..Good luck.


Ok now for some further information..

You can actually build Viral Instigator 2 sites for free at the moment pete has set up a 50/50 deal where your adsense code will appear 50% of the time and his the other 50% this is ideal if you want to give it a go.

Viral Instigator

I also mentioned VP-A ( http://vp-architect.com/) This is a great system for building and promoting article sites from one interface. It’s excellent if you are experienced and you can identify niches that aren’t well targetted and have a good amount of articles already written for them. I’ve built some sites that are getting a 30% CTR and decent impressions but I have other sites that are doing nothing. I am convinced that the keywords are the key to sucess. I wouldn’t in all honesty reccoment this for someone who is new to the adsense and site building business but if you are experienced, can build templates with includes, then this could be well worth a try.

Finally autosurfing…. I really had a struggle about whether to mention it in my newsletter. Autosurfing Is high risk and you could lose your money but then because of the risk the rewards are high I personally know people who are earning $720 per day every day. I myself started at the end of july with $60 and I now am earning a considerable amount of money, I should be upto the $720 per day limit within 2 months. As I said this is high risk and you only should use money you can afford to lose. I am very wary about reccomending this to anyone but if you want more info I have an ebook you can have that explains it all. Email me at mark (@) trackbikes.co.uk with the subject autosurfing and I will send you the ebook and talk you through things.

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