Monday Tip – Look OutSide The IM Fish Tank

I am currently putting the finishing touches to a book I am releasing this week that contains 101 tips I’ve learned in IM in the past, I decided to share what I feel is one of the most important of them with you.

Get yourself out of the fishtank you might be surprised..


As Internet marketers we can be very insular, We go to the same forums, read the same blogs, buy the same products and as a result we tend to do the same things and believe the same crap as everyone else.


Broaden your horizons and read blogs and listen to podcasts from people outside of IM. The very best brains in the online marketing business don’t spend their time writing posts on Digital Point or the Warrior Forum.

Listen to and read stuff by people like Gary Vaynerchuk and Seth Godin, Read blog posts by people on the bleeding edge of SEO. Read Techcrunch and follow what Y-combinator are investing in.

Get a subscription to a site like Mixergy and see how entrepreneurs got to where they are today.

Set aside a day where you do nothing but watch videos or listen to podcasts by people not in niche marketing or affiliate marketing.

There is a whole different world out there and you can learn from it!


It really is very easy to become focussed on what you are doing and what people in the same line of business to you are doing.  One of the things I try to do in Wp Goldmine is to bring in ideas from other areas. There are hundreds of startup companies that are basically trying to market themselves and build their brand that have never seen the Warrior Forum or Digitalpoint. In many cases they are using or creating sophisticated tools and starting from a blank canvas.

How many of you have looked at what Buzzstream are doing?  If you have have you either used them or tried to create a similar system for yourself. If you’ve not seen them they build back link networks via relationship building and provide the tools to do it. You could probably create something similar (albeit at a lower level) for your own use by using google and a relationship management app.


Thats it for today I have a brilliant interview I did with a Personal Branding coach in tomorrows  podcast so keep your eyes peeled for that…


Have a great week!

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    It’s easy to just read things on the Warrior forum and think that it’s an up-to-date place. I feel like there’s been a trend lately for local seo WSO’s and it can scare you into thinking that you’re missing something. But in reality it’s just the same stuff over and over again.

    Seth Godin is a great person to look at if you want to broaden your Internet marketing horizens…I agree.
    Mike From Maine recently posted..Revenue Update for January 2012My Profile


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    I like what Buzzstream do, but as you say there are loads of companies out there who operate at a much higher level. Seo agencies do not flinch at spending a couple hundred a month on a product if it grows their business. It can be hard to allocate that money when you work on your own.

    Seth Godin – great high end, but what about getting stuff done?


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    I think that even if you follow somebody’s step by step plan to the letter, you will never get the same results because there are just too many variables.

    Different niches, writing style, copy writing ability, design flair etc.

    There has to come a point when you just go for it and try out some of your own ideas or at least put your own spin on things.

    Exposing yourself to some different thinking is a good start.
    Rich Russell recently posted..Daily Gangster – Business Tools For Cheap – MaybeMy Profile


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    Great post, Mark. I was at an Affiliate Summit conference a few years ago where Gary V and a couple of other successful online business people spoke. It made me realize that’s there’s a big world out there beyond what we typically call “internet marketing” – and most people on the Warrior Forum and other such places never even realize it exists.
    John Lenaghan recently posted..How To Broaden Your HorizonsMy Profile


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    Mark great post. I sometimes have the need to detox from the IM world. Watching other companies doing marketing is like an eye opener. What I personally do is to listen to stock market and financial planning analysts. I listen to their podcast and their future view of x company. For example, the recent Facebook IPO and how they will be conducting business. Their main income comes from zynga. As a marketer I get a few hints of what to do with FB in the Future. Just like that, I get perspective of FB,amazon which will be going head to head with apple,and many companies that we utilize.


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    Yep cool post and you start to realize you’ve been living in a bubble. Yesterday I went on over to Google Webmaster tools and realized that not only do they tell you exactly what kinda sites to build as an affiliate, they have a basic SEO starter guide. For the most part living in the gold fish bowl is like living on crumbs of information that fall from the plates of the bigger fish.
    Alan’s Internet Marketing recently posted..Want Your Affiliate Niche Sites to Rank? Big G Tells You How to Do ItMy Profile



    What google tells you exactly what you need to do to rank your sites…wow :) OK my tongue is firmly in my cheek there, but going to google and reading their guidelines really is the type of thing that people aren’t prepared to do. They would much prefer to listen to Joe Smoo on the warrior forum telling them that they need 3% keywords density, then wonder why their sites don’t rank

    Great point!


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    Great post, Mark! Some folks I know got me onto the Warrior Forum, and though there are good folks there and some good information, there are also a LOT of people who are just recycling warmed over and diluted crapola as well.

    Based on what I’ve seen there, I’ve never wanted to get into the IM Niche. I’d rather work in saner and more fun niches.

    Godin is a GREAT read! You might also try “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu. It’s not quite what the title suggests. Put the emphasis on the Art, and less on the War. It’s an incredible guide to strategic thinking. It was recommended to me years ago by the Chess Master who taught me how to play.
    bj recently posted..End Farm Subsidies for Commodity CropsMy Profile



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