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By Mark / September 29, 2008

I’ve just finished writing some emails for an autoresponder series I am putting together for Focused Achievement.  Some of the stuff I am writing is sparking memories and revealing things to me that I had forgot about or that I hadn’t connected before. I then realised that like most people on the internet you know nothing about me.  For all you know I might be a 15 year old kid with no life experiences. So I’ve decided to share some information about myself.

So who Is Mark Thompson and more importantly what made me what I am today.

I was born on July 1st 1962

I have been married for 24 years in December this year, I met Allison when I was in the Army and a week later was sent overseas. The next time I met her we got engaged and the 3rd time we met we got married.  We spent more time together on our honeymoon than we had before it.

We have a 15 year old daughter.

I was due to go to university to study geology and geomorphology but took a job in a bank instead.

I was bored in the bank job so one Friday lunchtime bought a backpack and never went back.

That day I went to France with £50 ($100) and lived there for a year. I am convinced that this is the reason why I am not afraid of taking risks. I know what it’s like to live with very little money and a canvas roof over my head , It holds no fear for me.
I had a job selling Doughnuts and coca cola on a beach within 2 hours of arriving.

I realised that nobody was selling food and drink on the nudist beach in San Tropez so I started to sell there and then employed 3 others to sell for me.

I returned to England and joined the army where I rose to rank of Sergeant I left after 12 years and pursued various businesses, many of which failed.

After one failure I worked as a motorcycle courier in London and spent time between jobs studying a Microsoft server MCSE book. The day the courier company I worked for went bankrupt I saw an advert for a job for someone to build 300 workstations. I applied.

10 am the next day I had an interview and I started work at 11am. I lied during the interview, I told them I had built loads of workstations and servers I hadn’t!  I’d built my first one  at home the night before the interview!

3 years later I was still contracted to the same company (a very major IT company who you will know by name!) and troubleshooting problems in the UK and Europe for them. They never found out I didn’t know what I was doing, common sense goes a long way in an industry where it’s severely lacking!  I was then asked to join another large IT company (IBM).

At this point I realised that I would be doing the 9-5 thing for the rest of my life, I was working just to pay the mortgage and my credit card bills. The more I earned the bigger my bills got. Something had to change I was conforming to “normal” stereotypes.

We sold our house, rented another and paid off everything we owed. We were left with a few thousand pounds in the bank and 2 cars. In May 2005 we loaded them up and headed to Spain. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do apart from ride motorcycles all day long and drink beer.  It turned out this wasn’t practical!

Looking back at my records it seems I opened my Adsense account in July 2005. I had no idea about internet marketing at this point, I didn’t even know it was an option as an income stream. The rest is history. I built my Adsense up to around $4000 a month within a short while then branched out into other IM income streams. Some failed , some worked.

That’s about it, The a brief story of my life so far.  It seems it is dominated by two things self belief and a lack of fear of the unknown. Maybe that’s all you need!!  But don’t ask me to jump from a plan with a parachute.. it just ain’t natural!

If you have any questions you want to ask me please feel free to do so.

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