My Final WSO – The Process I Used To Create It

By Mark / February 8, 2012

Yesterday I released my final ever WSO, There are a number of reasons for this and I’ll go into depth about them in a week or two. It was quite a hard decision but sometime the bitterest pill is the best in the long run. In the past my WSO’s have earned me between $6000 and $15000 which is a good reward for a week or two’s work.

I thought long and hard about what product to release, I was actually halfway through a series of Videos about Authority Blogging, what it is and how to do it when I changed my mind and decided to do something “epic”, but what, I wasn’t sure.

So I loaded up with a few bottles of water and went for a long walk to clear my mind , (when you are half way up a steep mountain you tend to find that you don’t think about trivia) after about 12 KM  which is about 7.5 miles It came to me.

I’d write 20 or 30 of the best tips I knew from my 7 years in marketing (check out mondays post for one of them) In the end I actually got to around 90 tips . Wouldn’t 101 tips be a nice number I thought… truly epic!

So I emailed some of the most ethical marketers I know, and asked them for their best tips before I knew it I had 101 great tips to share with the world but would they like it? The list finally got to 103 but I left  the title at 101,  The full title is actually  “Internet Marketing Braindump – 101 Must Have Tips for Online Marketers” not the catchiest title I’ve come up with!

To actually write the e-book was easier than I thought which is why I went from 30 to 90 tips easily. The first thing I did was to set myself a word count target of 5000 words a day, in the end the book is over 14,000 words and took me 3 days to write. I used Pages to write it, it’s the first time I used it and I really liked it, it made the task of writing much easier as it handled the table of contents and the font types automatically.

I first laid out the sections I wanted to cover by adding a chapter and a header, I chose 6 of them  SEO & Traffic, List Building, Affiliate Marketing, Keywords & Site Building , General & Finally Product Creation.

The initial idea was to write the same amount of tips for each section but it didn’t turn out like that General had 30 while affiliate market has about 13 I think. Once I had the sections I just started writing tips, I found that one tip would naturally lead to another . At this point I made sure I had a notepad with me at all times as I’d think of tips at the strangest of times.

I wanted each tip to be a mini WSO something that would make people think so I avoided 1 line tips and focused on getting at least a paragraph from each tip, as you’ll see if you have the book some are several paragraphs and a few take up multiple pages

I didn’t actually write them in any particular order just jumping between sections as a tip came into my head, I got a lot of ideas for the tips by reading back through the blog to find things i’d written about in the past.

Once I was finished I tested changing the font sizes initially it was 14 point baskerville so I tried 16 and 18 point which increased the book to 980 and 100 pages and both looked fine in pages but when they were in .pdf format they looked way too big so I went back to 14point.

So I had a product how was I to launch it.

The first thing I did was to let the members of WPGoldmine  know it was live, (Tip 104.. always support the people who support you by ensuring that they get the best offers). After that I created an email and sent it out to my list telling them it was live.

You’ll notice that no where in the list of things (well 2 things) I did did I mention contacting affiliates or JV partners. One of the better features of WSO Pro is the fact that it generally emails people who have promoted your stuff in the past when you release a new WSO (unless the opt out) I have some really great affiliates so I knew they would get notified.

I avoided all the JV hoopla that people feel obliged to do by offering bonus’s, gifts  & prizes.(been there, got the T-shirt and the bad taste in my mouth) I really have tired with all that stuff. I believe that people should promote a product based on it’s merits not on what they’ll make. I know I create good honest ethical products and so do my affiliates if they choose to promote some rehashed crap over my products because the have the change to win an iPad well thats thier issue not mine.  (did i sound a bit bitter there? I didn’t mean to)

So thats it the eBook is live it’s making sales,(268 so far)  the buyers are loving it which is really all it comes down to in the end.

If you don’t have it you can check out the thread at:

If you would like to promote it you can sign up at:

Below you’ll find some of the great comments i’ve been getting, thank you to everyone who took time to comment in the thread and to buy this and my previous wso’s




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Mike From Maine

Congrats on another (and last) WSO success. I’m really interested to see what you’ve got up your sleeve.

I’m actually quite sick of the WSO. It seems like another way for successful (or people pretending to be successful) marketers to prey on the newbies and unsuccessful marketers. Of course not all WSOs are like that, but many of them are.

Let’s just say the minute I stopped buying WSO after WSO I started to make money…with a little help from WP Goldmine 🙂
Mike From Maine recently posted..Revenue Update for January 2012My Profile



Have to say Mike there are some really good products coming out of the WSO Forum… but the ratio is getting smaller.


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