Going Global To Make More Profit

By Mark / October 1, 2008

I was reading a book the other day that highlighted the difference in income between different countries. For example here in Spain I can eat out with my family for around $30 thats for 2 or 3 courses and lots of beer as members of the Income Academy who have visited me here can testify.

In Thailand I could rent a nice house for maybe $200 a month.  I can fly from the UK to anywhere in Europe for less than $100 and I’ve bought return flights from Jerez to London for a total of $15

We are living in a global economy and we should be taking advantage of it.

Last Month I was looking at buying a NIkon D300 camera

To buy a Nikon D300 camera through Alibaba.com is around $1550 some companies on there single items.

To Buy on Ebay .com about $2000

To Buy on ebay.co.uk around £1500 ($3000)

To Buy On CraigsList – prices vary but I saw an add for $1799 for a used one.

There is some serious money to be made on some of these products if you have a system in place and properly manage everything. Sure as hell is easier than selling 100’s of ebooks! If a bit more risky until you get everything worked out.

This is just one example of a product where there a vast price differences there is nothing stopping you buying products in the US and teaming up with a partner in the Uk to take advantage of this Ebay arbitrage. Even relatively low cost items seem to have a 100% price difference.

Do your research and increase your profits.

Finally today a note about One Week Marketing as you will know if you are a regular reader I very rarely promote anything and even more rarely give a testimonial to a product. OWM is one such product that I am happy to do both for.

Jennifer (potpiegirl) was one of the first purchasers of WordPress Goldmine and I am happy to say absolutely loved it.  One Week Marketing sort of continues on from where WPG left off.  It’s bum marketing on steroids. If you have time to follow her methods for a week you will without a doubt make money.

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Very interesting my friend. Prices do vary accorss the net and elseware merely because of supply and demand. Look at ebay for example, it’s so big people can sell it for more because the buyers think it’s actually more expensive buying it through other sites.

So yes, do indeed do research on prices and try to make profit!.


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