Take Your Excuses and Shove Them

By Mark / February 13, 2012

Quite often when romances start of you only have eyes for the other person, you are prepared to completely over look some little flaws, the annoying laugh, the hair growing out of their ears, the constant smell of patchouli oil  (Don’t ask me how I know about that one!).

Over time you start to notice the the flaws and those little insignificant flaws become major issues sometimes the flaws become so much of an issue the cause the end of a relationship.  Quite often the catalyst is noticing someone who doesn’t have that flaw that annoys the hell out of you.

In last mondays blog post I talked about looking outside the fish tank at the wider world. this was brought home to in a big way only yesterday.  Over the past week I’ve been reading some great blogs by several Internet marketers who treat IM as an extension of “Real World” marketing.  You find that as you read one blog you find a link to another great blog and so on.

It’s been like a breath of fresh air.

Then yesterday I opened up my email and there was an email from someone who I had bought a product off of a while back.. the title was:

 “sudden death (NOT about Whitney Houston)”

I mean how low can you get?  Who in their right mind would think that was a good subject line.

It got me thinking really hard about how short sighted and myopic the IM niche can be as opposed to Online Marketing  (I’ve manufactured a distinction for the purposes of this article).

I love the IM niche I love to teach and show people how to make money online, I create products that show them how to do that and I like to think that I add value and that I have something worthwhile to say.

Over the past 7 years I’ve defended the IM niche from people who say it’s just full of scammers and people who want to rip off newbies. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have subscribers and customers and friends in the IM niche who I consider to be incredibly ethical who wouldn’t knowingly promote, create or support a bad product but I am starting to think that I am wrong.

I think it’s time to get out of this relationship as the flaws are annoying the hell out of me.

How about you?

Want to come on a journey of discovery with me, out of this stinking stagnating pond and into the wider world?

So where do we start?

Well you can start by paying attention to this… I’ll say it only once.

Take your excuses and shove them… There are no more excuses.

No , I haven’t got time  – make time.

No, I can’t afford it – you can start this journey for less that a pizza and a beer.

No, I don’t know what to do..  create a blog, write good content, promote the blog via social media and guest blogging and BUILD A LIST, build a relationship and sell things via your list.


Let start on the journey by broadening our horizons.

Read the following post If it doesn’t get you thinking then maybe you aren’t cut out for this:


Over the coming months I am going to try to get away from IM, I’ll create some sites with value and attempt to generate an income from them. I’ll embrace transparency so you see my successes and failures . Are you coming on the journey?

Ok off to take my anti grumpy pills!  Let me know what you think with a comment, and if you want to get updates then add your email address below… you won’t be spammed.. I promise!



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John Lenaghan

I’m with you 100% Mark. I feel the same way about the so-called IM niche and I’m also moving out of the stinking, stagnating pond as you call it.

The view that we tend to get is pretty limited when you start looking at how “real” businesses treat online marketing. The funny thing is, very few of those people are doing any training or selling products because they’re actually running their own businesses.

It’s a far cry from the way the WSO and strategy-of-the-week business works but that’s all most people every see.
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Steve Upton

Hi Mark great post and like John Lenaghan I agree 100% also.

Having stepped away from the whole online marketing scene for the last year really gave me time to think about what was important to me if I ever became successful enough to pack in the day job and go full time online.

For me it all boiled down to honesty, integrity, working with people I like and most importantly helping people actually make money and not spending it on unnecessary rubbish all the time.

Many people I talk to these days have been burned so many times online that when you actually have the ability to really help them honestly they take three steps back and ask “what’s the catch”.

I’m really happy to see what your doing here and will follow on the journey to see where it takes us all.

Steve Upton
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Mike Long


You know how I feel about this. After I essentially let my IM biz “go” in disgust over the way more and more people were going about their “business” in IM, I broke away clean for 2 years.

As I’ve come back now, I can see the IM niche for what it is, and I totally agree with you. The web is maturing into a place where “real” businesses – both online and off – can make a go of it with a solid plan, and a successful long-term strategy.

I believe you have the right message at the right time, and for once, I’m going to be on this train and on schedule as it’s leaving the station!




I think I may have misread the bit about submitting an email address. I submitted my email address as I thought it was specific to this topic. The response I got looks like a subscription to WPG so, I’ve probably duplicated myself on the list?

I am also getting rather disillusioned with the IM bunch. Although I never intended to get involved in the IM niche, one gets lured onto these lists whilst trying to learn as much as possible about IM in the shortest period of time. The result is that the same guys are continually trying to sell you the same crap.

Also, the majority of WSOs make me want to get sick! There are always the exceptions though – I’m on a few WPG members’ IM niche lists that I’m very happy with as they are not pushy.

I know full well that I need to build a list. So, I need to get more personally involved either with one of my existing blogs or a brand new one. My main struggle at present is to pick a niche that I am suitably knowledgeable and passionate about in order to succeed.

Looking forward to further developments.




Henry, you’ll find that you get automated emails when there are new posts, I am working at closing down my old lists and focusing on this one so you’ll probably find that you’ve been unsubscribed from the other ones you are on.


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