Yearly Round up

By Mark / December 22, 2006
Firstly let both Allison and myself wish you all a Happy Christmas
and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

This is the time of year where I set out my plans for what's to
come so in this newsletter I have decided to let you into some of
my plans for the coming months and have a bit of a review of what
has changed for us during the past year. And what a difference 12
months makes.

At the start of 2006 I was still focusing on building Adsense
portal sites, I was churning out 10-20 sites a day using my auto
building system which created the sites, and a blog farm at the
same time and then automatically posted links to the blogs every 4
hours . 12 months on and the sites I build are very different , I
now build small 10 page sites with either Adsense or Pay Per Lead
ads and promote them with article marketing and social book
marking. I now build only 1 or 2 per week and I am concentrating on
creating large themed sites with multiple sub domains. I have built
in the ability for me to switch from Adsense ads to CPA ads
instantly this allows me to use 2 copies of the same sites and test
how both types of ads perform.

At the beginning of the year my sole source of income was from
Adsense now it is only a small part of my income my aim is to
gradually ease back on Adsense until it is only earning me about
20% of my income. I have made a lot of progress with affiliate
sales this year and I have some product sites that are earning
consistently. I have also started to make some income on Pay Per
Lead ads. I sold my first products during the year and created my
first list.  (You my dear friends!) .  I have also been writing
online income related articles for a few magazines.  I have also
added the profit sharing sites I mentioned in the last newsletter
as a source of income however this is planned as a long term
residual income so I am just adding the occasional $100 and not
planning on withdrawing anything until late next year.

Around the middle of the year I handed over all the promotional
duties of my sites to Allison since then she has discovered talents
she never realized she had. So as well as promoting all my sites
she now writes articles for people along with e-books. In the last
4 days alone she has written over 30,000 words.  I am seriously
considering setting up a site promoting her article writing luckily
for us we have a neighbor who has had research papers published and
used to write parliamentary documents in England who can help out
if Allison gets too busy. So if you ever need any articles you know
where to come.

Next year is looking good I have a plan in place to hopefully
treble my income between now and late next year.  My plan last year
was to double my income which I had managed by February. So you can
see there is a lot to be said about making a plan and I would
encourage you all to sit down and make a plan before the New Year.
I'll write something in the blog later today about making plans.

My plan for next year involves lots more PPL sites,  a membership
site selling ppl/Adsense sites  maybe a bit of coaching and I have
a couple of  collaborations planned with other people who earn all
their income online. Plus there is something coming in the next
week or 2 that will be huge and may shape the coming year for many
people. I'll write about it you as soon as I am able to.

I have recently finished doing a number of phone interviews with a
friend of mine and he has made them available on his blog  you'll see them at the
bottom of the page the 2006 one relates to what has happened in the
past year and the 2007 is my predictions for the year to come.

And finally Thank you all for listening to my ramblings over the
past few months I hope you got something from them.

That's it for this year as ever if you have any questions please
feel free to emails me and you'll find this and additional material
on the blog

So a peaceful and prosperous new year from Allison, Emily (my
daughter) and myself.
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