Why Reinvent The Wheel

By Mark / October 3, 2008

I am still in full efficiency mode, not quite got down to a 4 hour working week but I have achieved as much this week as I did 2 weeks ago but I’ve spend les than half the time doing it .

I took my daughter to school this morning and the stopped off for breakfast at a local cafe where I was joined by 2 friends so we sat , drank coffee and watched the world go by for 2 hours. It’s now lunchtime and I’ve pretty much finished what I had planned today. Updated 2 sites, researched another and wrote 2 articles. I’ve also got time for this post.

There are 2 main factors involved in this sudden burst of efficiency, Ignoring email and all distractions until I finish set tasks and deciding it’s pointless re-inventing the wheel. It’s been done , it works so why change it?

Lets look at some examples.

Sales pages. why spend days finely crafting a sales page when it’s already been done a thousand times. If you ask any copywriters if they have a swipefile they will tell you that they do. A swipe file is a posh name for copying pages that are already written and are effective and keeping them until yu need something similar. So why not do the same yourself? Look at sites with high gravity on clickbank to start with..they are doing something right! Collect good headers and bullet points . The use them if you need them.

If you see a good headline , or a sales page you like put it in a swipe file once you have 30 or 40 swipe files just takes aspects form the ones you like and create your own sales letter.

Testing the efficiency of ads. I was going to have a wordpress plugin built so that i can test what ad positions/types work best on my blogs. Then I realised that sites like hubpages already do this they use YieldBuild to analyse their ad positions and chose the most effective. This is done over 100,000’s of page views, so why not copy thier ad positions? The same applies for popular sites that rely on adsense for their income. copy their positioning.


Rather than spend hours looking for niches to target use the page views of article directories to indicate what people are looking for the same applies for ebay pulse and google trends. Look at Hubpages to see what hubs are hot.

I could go on but I am sure you get the idea use other peoples research and hard work to establish your own baseline then experiment from there.

Finally If you really do want to be efficient The 4 hour Work Week is a really entertaining read with some great ideas you can incorporate into your daily routine. I will warn you in advance some of you will love it and “get it” but to some people it will become a thing of hate. I don’t for a moment beleive i will ever get down to a 4 HWW but 4 hours a day will do me just fine at the moment.

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