Honesty, Transparency and Accountability – The Way Forward?

By Mark / February 24, 2012

I have just returned from a very hard round of golf at a difficult golf course after only 2 hours sleep last night, I am exhausted and all I want to do is have a long hot bath crash out.

However I have just read a blog post by Mike Long who is someone who I have known online for a long time, and I really want to draw attention to the post and encourage you to read it.

Mike has been very successful online and when I started I really looked up to him and what he was doing.  He was at the forefront of the PLR article business and has written the best book about article marketing ever…period!

Mike then disappeared and no one really knew what happened to him.

Several months ago (probably nearer a year) he reappeared in the WpGoldmine forum and we started chatting , (he has been a member there since before he dropped from sight) his story was fascinating and a lesson to everyone working online.

A few weeks a go I wrote a blog post about why you should set up your own personal blog. In that blog post I wrote;

A personal blog helps to keep you focused and make you accountable to yourself and your readers, and future readers.

I have also talked at length about being transparent and honest and open.

Without a doubt Mike has taken this to heart and has produced a new blog and a blog post to rival any I’ve seen.

Look guys, I am going to say this again and continue to say it until you listen. It’s people like mike who you should be reading and subscribing to, not some “wanna be” Frank Kern who’s idea of internet marketing is to email you every day with the latest offer from his Wanna be Frank Friends.

People like Mike provide more value, advice and guidance that you’ll find in 9 out of 10 products.

Follow what they are doing and saying and you will succeed on line .

You can go and read Mikes latest post here On Failure And Bouncing Back , do me a favor don’t skim it, read it, you’ll learn some very valuable lessons about success and failure.

By supporting bloggers/marketers like Mike and others who are open and honest we can all help bring a fresh new outlook to Internet Marketing and show the money grabbers and scammers that there is another way.

You can do your part in 2 simple ways that won’t take any effort.

If you read a post you like and the writer is being open and honest and providing value just:

A) Leave a comment, (you’ll even get a link back if you use your real name! unless your parents really called you Kitchen Aid Mixer always use your name!) comments help bloggers know they are on the right track or if they got it totally wrong!

B) Share it! Tweet it, Like it , pass it on using whatever method you prefer. Help the good guys rise above the crap we are subjected to daily… Please!

That’s it off for a bath, go read mikes article, but not before you’ve shared this one!

Be Open!

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Jeff B.

My mother is no longer with us, but I always appreciated the pet name, Kitchen Aid Mixer, as an indication of her love towards me. My sister, however, hated the name “Toaster Oven”.
I just discovered your blog this week and also read the first issue of your “ethical newsletter”. Truly an amazing breath of fresh ethical air. I am about to read Mike Long’s post. I have been trying to find online direction for the last year. I started a wordpress, photographic blog about my Bassethound, Mr. Buddylee, but that is as far as I have gone. It ranks number one on Google for the key word “Mr. Buddylee”, but for obvious reasons not a lot of people are spontaneously searching for my Hound or his name. I have posted weekly for 60 weeks. I look forward to your motivational words. Many thanks, Jeff.


Mike Long

Holy cow Mark….I don’t know what to say.

Thank you so much for:

1) Being a good friend (most important of all!!)
2) Helping to bring what I’m doing to more people
3) Being an honest, transparent, ethical marketer yourself

This is who I’ve always been at my core, but it’s only now that I feel like the tide has shifted enough online for voices like yours, mine and others to truly be heard. I fully believe in Zig Ziglar’s quote which essentially says – you can achieve anything you want in life, if you’re willing to help others achieve what they want in life.

I’m so looking forward to doing just that! 🙂
Mike Long recently posted..On Failure and Bouncing BackMy Profile


paul forcey

Mikes blog is a good read and since he keeps saying he will buy me beer when he comes through St George I have to say he is obviously a great guy!

I do think that failing and bouncing back is just as hard online as it is offline, maybe harder as it is easy to just not turn on the laptop. Good luck to you Mike, the landscape has changed some since you started the PLR stuff but that just means you know what to look for in the next wave.
paul forcey recently posted..How Much Money Do You Want To Earn OnlineMy Profile



Hi Mark,

I also believe that there already a few of those people who would really want to reach out to people and help. There are only a few of a people like you who are kind enough to show a way out through this difficult times. Also allow me to share as well my success story and I am hoping to touch other peoples lives as it has done to me.

Over the last four months I have been learning from an Aussie guy named Timothy Marc on how to build a business that allows you to live a freedom lifestyle. Without a doubt, I have learned some amazing skills in business from this guy, and I am currently seeing some great profits from my own business.

I know this post may raise scepticism with some of you, but if this does sound interesting to you, here is a link to my success story on is blog: http://www.freedombusinessblog.com/freedom-business-success-story-tim# and be sure check out his free audio if you like his vibe.
Ask a question on the blog too and I will help you any way I can.

Cheers, Tim.


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