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By Mark / October 7, 2008

Why do people bother writing great articles and then adding lame headlines to them?

I get so frustrated when I see a good article and a headline that sucks, no matter how good the article is if the headline is weak people are not going to want to read it. Go to Ezinearticles and look at the articles on the front page. How many of those headlines and descriptions make you want to stop and read them?

When you write an article don’t just use the first headline you think of , try to get one that grabs the readers attention then follow up with a first paragraph which grabs them by the throat and won’t let go of them.¬† If you get the first paragraph right and the headline¬† then the reader will stay with you until the end.

Think of it like a restuarant. If you walk past a restaurant and the exterior looks inviting you’ll go through the door. Your headline is the exterior. If you then get to the reception area and it looks good and welcoming you’ll stay. Thats it, your there until the end of the meal. The reception area is the first paragraph.

These 2 parts of your article need a lot of attention from you, work at them and practice them write an article then leave it for 24 hours when you re read it does it grab you? If not re write it.

Ok I can here you all shouting “Mark tell us how to write a good headline”

Why not learn from the masters of headline writing and grabbing your attention. Think for a moment where do you see thousands of headlines trying to grab your attention everyday? C’mon work that grey matter baby..think.. yes you’ve got it news stands.

Go to your local news stand and look at the glossy magazines , pay particular attention to the best selling ones like Mens health, Cosmo, Vogue etc. Don’t those headlines just jump out at you? When ever you see a good one write it down or buy the magazine.

Here are just a few I noted down.

Get back In shape – great results in just 8 days

Great skin in 9 days – No $500 Creams

5 questions you must ask before getting engaged

Six pack Abs- See Results in just 9 days

Gain Muscle, Lose Pounds – Tap your Secret Source

The people who write headlines like these are paid a good salary to attract peoples attention, use their methods and techniques. Headlines are all around you as I said in a post last week there is no need to re-invent the wheel.

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