By Mark / December 22, 2006

As I mentioned in my latest news letter I will write something about planning. It’s very easy to go from one project to another or one way of making money online to another with any real thouhgt or planning. If you stop to make a plan you will be able to focus on what you want to achieve and a way of moving forward. What better time to make this plan than just before the new year.

The first thing to look at is what outgoings do you have. Look at hosting accounts and membership sites which don’t you get value from? Where can you consolidate? Remember for ever cent that goes out thats an extra cent you need to earn to break even.

Next try to work out where you want to earn money from. It is sometimes easier to have 4 or 5 income streams than to have just 1 or 2. How much per month do you want to earn? I like to break it down to the basics. For every $1000 you want to earn per month thats $33 per day. with 3 income streams you will need to earn $11 per day to achieve this with 5 income streams that just under $7 per $1000 so to earn $5000 per month you need to find 5 ways of earning $35 per day. Now that doesn’t seem as hard as earning $5000 per month does it??

So what ways could you earn money ;

Pay per click sites

Pay per lead sites (may pay $15-$25 per lead)

your own Product sales. ( 2 sales of a $17 product will almost get you there)

Create membership sites

Write articles for people 4 $8 articles a day and you are almost there this should take you about an hour.

Create a site and sell it for $70 ..thats 2 days money

Charge people for submitting links to directories

Join a profit share site.

Sell products on ebay

As you can see there are many many methods of earning money open to you the key thing is to fond a few that you can do and stick with them even is you are earning $0 at the moment you can start to work on a few income streams now and by the end of the year you can reach what ever target you set yourself.

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