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Many people probably think that I sit down and just write a blog post in a single stream of consciousness. Well you’d be partly right.  Some of the posts here are like that,  I have an idea for a post and sit down and write it then post it. 45 minutes job done.

However if you want to write a blog post properly then you are going to have to set aside some time. A good original blog post takes time and effort to get right. I am talking 3 or 4 hours here. However the effort is worth it., a good blog post like that will rank well and draw visitors to your site.

I am not saying that every blog post needs to be like that but every 3 or 4 blog posts you should spend more time than normal creating it and make sure that you have everything right from the start.  It’s wednesday morning and i am writing this post knowing that I have up to friday morning to get it right.

This article is aimed mainly at those of you who have personal blogs but anyone can learn lessons from this post and hopefully apply them to all your blogs.

First Step – Back to Basics

Yep we are going to do some keyword research. So it’s off to the google keyword tool and lets see what we can find for the keyword “write a blog”

The first thing I do is to set up some filters

How To Write a Blog Post

You can see that I’ve chosen Low Competition keywords  with between 5000 and 1,000,000 searches per month.

That returned 56 related keywords of which about 40 could have been used as the basis of an article.

However 2 stood out , I’ll tell you now those figures are probably not accurate but we need to use something so lets use them and monitor results for to write a blog post

So Lets choose “How To Write a Blog Post” and see what we are going to be up against

If you go to google you’ll see blog posts by people like Darren Rowse of Problogger fame, and Seth Godin, that is enough to scare a lot of people off however our first target is to get onto the first page so we need to analyse all 10 front page results.

You can do this manually or with browser plugins or tools.  I look for a number of things mainly Onsite SEO, social signals and offsite SEO. We are only looking for 2 or 3 weak sites in the top 10 then we’ll know that we can get there ourselves.

I used the same tool I used in SEO Debunked to analyse the top 10 (serpiq) and lo and behold we have some weakness there, I also noticed that very few of the top 10 have the exact match keyword in the title.. a very good indicator. That means that the on page SEO is not very strong for most of the sites won’t be very good.

So lets go for it, lets target the keyword How To Write a Blog Post.

Step Two – Writing The Content

There should be 2 parts to your content. The Words and the Images you need to find a good image that will grab peoples attention when they are browsing. Many people use ipads and phones to read blog content, apps like Pulse news and Flipboard will use your images a good image draws people in.

There are many places to get images from I use photoxpress but you can also search for flickr images that have creation commons licenses a good source is which allows you to search flicker for photo’s with creative commons licenses.

When I start to write the content I first start by laying out section headers and adding the title to the top of the page,so for this post the first items to go on the page were:

How To Write a Blog Post







That then give me the freedom to write sections out of order if I wish.

If you need inspiration or some further ideas now is the time to start doing some searches and reading blogs, note i said Inspiration not copy someone post verbatim!.

I usually start with a note pad next to me an write down ideas I get from other articles, I find that just writing 1 or 2 words is enough to allow me to be totally unique they act a bit like a car key, it will get the car started but I’ll then go on my own journey.. hope that makes sense.


Final Step – Promotion

Now you have your beautifully crafted blog post you need to promote it…sorry about that!  Start by posting it to your twitter account , google + and you facebook page.  Get it out there If you can also do a short video to go with it, get that on YouTube or Vimeo and link back to your site.

Thats phase one of promotion, next get out and do some comments linking back to your post, that will work 2 fold firstly you’ll get a link back to your post, and secondly you’ll get visitors who may become subscribers and life time readers.

If you have time then why not write a related post and offer it as a guest post to busy sites in your niche.

Be sure to get your post shared on twitter, facebook etc

Creating good quality blog posts and promoting them properly can be time consuming but I can guarantee if you do 1 high quality post a week or every 2 weeks on your blog and follow through with the promotion you’ll soon start to become regarded as the authority in your niche and when that happens you won’t need to promote your post your subscribers will do it for you!

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The Video below show how I did the research for How to Write a Blog Post


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    Very useful stuff Mark! Right now, I’m writing at PNI from purely a stream of consciousness perspective – I have so much I want to get out there, that it’s been pretty easy so far. But I also know that will eventually come to an end, and I’ll have to learn how to take an idea, and properly construct a useful post around it.

    At this point, I have to admit that I haven’t even been thinking about keywords in my blog posts. Bad marketer!! But you’re right, doing so is a part of site growth, and I really need to take a peek at least, and see if I can wrap my current “stream of consciousness” postings around a word or two that might bring a little more traffic.

    Thank you for the thought-provoking post!
    Mike Long recently posted..Your Passive Niche Income Business Plan – Part 1My Profile


  2. says

    Hey Mark,

    As always, a great post. I read your other posts about starting a personal blog and I finally did it. I was wondering to myself whether or not you do the same keyword research on your personal blog as you do on your other ones. And voila! You answered my question for me! Thanx!
    Kenneth White recently posted..Firefighting And Internet Marketing…My Profile



    Well done on getting a personal blog up.


  3. says

    Great stuff and very timely as I am getting my blog set up. I gotta say that “you d’man” when it comes to training. I really want to thank you for the great information you are putting out. I enjoy it all! I finally got around to listening to the branding interview with Colette Mason which caused me to rewrite my About page with purpose in mind.

    Glenn Stanza recently posted..Amazing Benefits of Exercise You May Not KnowMy Profile



    Thanks Glen, glad you find the blog posts useful


  4. says

    Mark is the Branding interview still available to watch??

    This is excellent information by the way. I don’t always get round to reading your blogs at the time they are written – but just came across your name in the Curation WSO and was prompted to catch up!!



    The interview is at:

    If you sign up in the box above you’ll be informed of each new post :)!


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