Whats your Blog Worth??

By Mark / October 8, 2008

This Is my 100th blog post here…lets party!!

How much do you think your blogs are worth?  The other day a 22 year old sold his wordpress blog for $15,000,000  yep 15 million. I’ll leave the link at the bottom of the page.

When I looked at it I was shocked that it was worth so much, it’s a PR 5 and I decided to look at the alexa stats for it.

His alexa rank is 41810  you’ll be interested to know that this blog has a ranking of 72565 when you look at the average page view on alexa I get more page views then he does.. So if anyone has a spare $5,000,000 I’ll sell you the income academy , thats got to be bargain of the century!  🙂  (I’ll even throw in all my other sites and products as a bonus.)

Any thats the first 100 posts out of the way now lets see if i can make the next 100 better.

Thanks for reading..

want to see what a $15 million dollar blog looks like…


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