The Spirit Of Columbus

By Mark / October 13, 2008

Happy Columbus Day.

It’s difficult to know how to treat the topic of  Christopher Columbus, 4 Voyages to find a westward route to China and the Indies without success. He was returned to Spain in chains, He only just managed to avoid being a victim of the Spanish Inquisition. His crews were responsible for introducing syphilis in Europe and Small pox into the west indies which wiped out hundred of thousands of people on both sides of the Atlantic. Yet he is still celebrated as discovering America.  Whereas John Cabot who actually discovered (well re-discovered to more precise) North America is largely ignored.

Ain’t history a bitch!

Maybe it’s the spirit of Columbus that we should be celebrating. The courage to go where no one has gone before, The Self belief that he had that he was right and he would find a way through to the Indies. The ambition to follow a different path to everyone else. The motivation to sail across the Atlantic time after time in search of a dream.

If we could just capture a small part of that kind of motivation we would be much closer to success. I was writing a blog post over at about motivation and I was really struggling to explain how it felt to be motivated. I finally settled on it being like a child at christmas unwrapping lots of new toys but that still doesn’t really capture it.

To me motivation is something tangible I can feel it it’s like a coiled spring inside me. It’s a physical feeling but it’s hard to explain how it feels.It’s inextricably linked to my desires and dreams without them there is no motivation

Have you ever played bingo and were just waiting for 1 number to come up  or had a lottery ticket where your first 4 mumbers have come up and you are waiting for the next one.  Or maybe been playing poker and the last card is about to be turned over and you need a card for a flush. That feeling of expectation and fear is a little what it feels like to me.

Identify your dreams and you will unlock all the motivation you need to drive you towards success. It might take you a while to work out exactly what your dreams are. I really thought I wanted nice cars, motorcycles and a big house. But it wasn’t what I really wanted, it’s only in the last year since i’ve really started chasing my dreams that I now know what it is a I want.

What is it?   I’ll reveal it all in a few months time when I actually achieve it.

Get Motivated.

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