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By Mark / October 15, 2008

Breaking news… (it’s not often that i can break a scoop…hold the front page!)

It’s looking like clickbank have had a major hiccup today.  I received an email from them saying that my Weekly payment had been rejected by my bank and that they were switching my account back to check payments. The thing is my payment has been received. It’s there in my account.

Check payments are not a good thing for me it takes me about 8 weeks to get the money and it costs me a hefty fee each time I pay in one of their cheques.

Asking around several other people have had the same message and their payments have also been switched to check payments. Make sure you check your clickbank settings.!!

I’ve asked someone with more influence with clickbank to speak to the mamagement there and find out wahts happening. As soon as i know anything I’ll post it here.


Just got this…

On 2008-10-15, ClickBank experienced a communication problem with our merchant bank,resulting in some direct deposit-enabled clients receiving emails stating their depositfailed and having their accounts changed to “Pay by Check.” In most or all cases, thedeposit did actually go through. Please check with your bank to see if your deposit wasreceived. We are working to find and correct the source of this error, and will givefurther details as soon as we have a resolution.


On a more happier note , i received an email from a regular reader of this blog asking me to have a look at a tool he’s created.  It’s a tool/site that analyses you and your competitors websites and rates them. The level of detail in the results is excellent.

I’ve made a few suggestions for improvements but there is no reason why you shouldn’t check it out right now. You can access it at

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