I.M. Manifesto Issue 2 Now Available

IM Manifesto March Issue

IM Manifesto March IssueIssue 2 of IM Manifesto is now available for download.  In this issue (March 2012) we have some excellent informative and thought provoking articles from several contributors.

The articles cover a wide variest of topics including

  • 3 Ways To Break your Google Traffic Addiction
  • Social media – Stop Shouting and Start Sharing
  • 3 Offline Business lessons that can help you online
  • Going with your passion to make money online
  • Empathy Mapping – Do you know who you are talking to

You can grab your copy from the Magazine Download page.


I.M. manifesto march issue

If you would like to contribute and get your article seen by thousands of people then please contact me via the comments section below or the email address in the magazine.

Let me know what you think of the Magazine and if you have any questions for myself or the contributors feel free to post a comment below…. If you like it then Please Hit a Few of the  Sharing options below… It really does make a difference


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Ann - April 1, 2012

Hi Mark,

Wow! I spotted your issue in my e-mail inbox, and just had to dig in right away. What a ‘page-turner’ this edition is. It was like eating a fine dessert minus the calories. Your magazine cover is awesome, the entire shot is pure pleasure for the eyes and the mind. All articles spoke out to me, as they’re so on the money; I especially liked Jeff Carson and Mike Long’s contributions (they’re all awesome though). What a wonderful platform to host guest bloggers, this sets a very nice example of how everyone benefits from making such worthy contributions as a guest blogger.

Thanks for such a great magazine.



Thanks you so much Ann, glad you liked it.


Stef - April 1, 2012

Hola Mark,

A masterly example of how to get links out there that add value and will timely enjoyed by any SE algorithm :-)

Love the layout of the magazine as well,




Andy - April 1, 2012

Thanks Mark for all the effort that has obviously gone into this.
Its very refreshing to get some great info with no fluff or hard sell.
Really looking forward to Aprils issue.


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