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By Mark / April 6, 2012

Thank you to all of you who took the time to complete the survey I recently posted, special thanks must go to the spammer who thought that by typing in a certain keyword about 100 times he would get some links… get a life loser! If you missed the original survey you can see it at:

The results were quite interesting and very enlightening and were actually very useful and have resulted in me planning some changes to the way I do things around here.

First off I now have a much better understanding of my average user…or at least the average user who wanted to fill in the survey, Lets call him Joe as there is a 62 % chance he is a guy.

Joe is over 40 (70%) and self employed (25% full time IM and 38% self employed non IM). He currently earns under $50,000 per month (78%) but wants to earn over $500 per day online 50% (this is very revealing as the last time I did a survey a few years back he wanted to earn $200 a day). The biggest thing thats holding him back is lack of motivation and focus 34%, Joe considers Content Creation and Traffic Generation 23% & 22% to be the key skills he needs.

So Is that you? Are you my average reader?

I learned 2 things from the survey…

The main thing I learned from the survey is that the average person doesn’t like to do surveys 😉

But the 2nd thing is the most important, I need to tailor some of the tips and advice I do so that it covers specific areas and to allow people to get tips and advice on areas that matter to them. i.e I need some sort of way to deliver personalized tips and advice so that will be my project for later in the month.

One of the things that people mentioned that they struggled to create content, it just so happens that 3 years ago (almost to the day) I did a blog post about how to write content in under 10 minutes.

You can find that post at:

Have a great easter and I’ll be back with a new post on Tuesday

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paul forcey

Lack of motivation is a huge problem for most people , it is hard working alone at a desk when everyone else in the family is doing something else or when there is something else you would rather be doing.

Find a peer group to work with, either online or out in the real world. Peer pressure can be used for good, not just to get you to smoke behind the bike sheds!


Colin W

I would agree with Paul. Sat behind my desk while the rest of the family are watching TV or playing games presents the problem of motivation or to be precise – the lack of it.

I might have to move the computer in to the spare room to prevent distraction etc. I love your sense of humour Paul!



Yep, you can set goals, deadlines, to do lists and all that stuff to keep you on the straight and narrow but it’s easy to let these things slip especially when Google or some other entity throws a spanner in your works…ouch…sounds painful.

Having an audience can also be a good motivator I imagine…it can keep you accountable but it can also help you with content creation as the survey has proved.
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Hi Thompson, i regularly read your posts on warrior forum and just wanted to check your website. You have good blog here mate, i see that you care to ask what your readers want exactly. Thumbs up for that…
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