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By Mark / October 20, 2008

Before I get into this post it’s time for a rant. The last post I created I wrote In Microsoft Word and then copied it into the blog post. I checked it in my default browser (FireFox)and it looked fine. This morning I happened to open the blog up in Internet explorer and There was a huge problem only half the blog post showed up and nothing else not even a sidebar.

I couldn’t even access the site via IE. Luckily I got in via FireFox and found that Word had added a lot of code to the post and that was causing the problem. Once I removed it it was fine. Wouldn’t it be nice if Microsoft products worked well together!!

So here is a public service announcement. Open office 3 is now available as is Google’s Chrome browser and FireFox. I used to stand by Microsoft’s products as the generally worked well and were well supported but recently something seems to have gone a bit wrong. Office is no longer intuitive and I can’t find half the functions I need and IE is a complete PIA, every time I try to check my awstats using it I get errors!

So Today I am having an MS free day. I am on my Linux Box, and tomorrow I’ll be using open office and FireFox or chrome. Just to try to prove to myself that i don’t need MS. I also feel a MAC coming on!

Right back to the original reason for this post. One of the first posts I ever made to this blog was about my end of month routine (you’ll find it under the site promotion category). This routine still works well and ensures that very few of my sites fail to make me money.

I’ll reiterate the key point of the original post here. At the end of each month check the bandwidth usage of all of your sites. Pick the ones with the least usage check them for errors and if you can’t find any do some promotion on them.

I tend to choose the bottom 5 sites, if after a few months of this a site is still in the bottom 5 I’ll probably abandon it as it’s more than likely never going to make me money. Over the space of the 2 years I’ve been doing this I’ve only got rid of 2 sites that were complete failures.

Try it for a few months and you’ll find your income from those sites increases. One site I worked on 2 months ago has since had 2 sales paying $100 for each sale.

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