Monday Tip – Do Something For Your Business Everyday

By Mark / April 16, 2012

do something for your businessWhat have you done for your business today?

What did you do for your business last friday?

Every single day I do at least 1 thing that will (or should) help my business develop. Today I sent an email to a JV broker and hooked up with her via linked in. I now have a skype chat scheduled for later this week.

Nothing might come of it but something might.  I did something similar a few weeks back the result was about $12,000 in sales of one of my old products, plus a Joint Venture that should be profitable to both of us.

Normally the things I do for my business are practical things, I will write a blog post or do a video or offer to write a guest post. However 1 day a week  I try to build relationships with people,  those relationship sometimes prove to be beneficial to both of us and sometimes nothing comes from it.  But once in a while they can change everything.

One of these relationships in particular over the last few years has changed my perception of Internet marketing and made me a far better marketer. it’s probably made me a better person as well. That would never have happened if i didn’t deliberately set out to build 1 new relationship a week.


At first it wasn’t easy for me as I am naturally shy and like all of us I hate the thought of someone ignoring me or rejecting me. However  once you’ve done it a few times it becomes easier.

Building relationships can really work as a springboard for your Internet marketing career, we have a couple of members of WPG who teamed up as their skill sets were a really good fit and they’ve just launched their 2nd very successful product.

You should take every opportunity you can to network and to meet fellow marketers, look around at what seminars are happening near you, I know people who go to Affiliate Summit West in Vegas and never go and look at any of the stands and never go to the keynote speeches or lectures.They travel half way around the world to just meet fellow marketers and share ideas and tips.

So who fancies having a beer and a chat with me and a few friends in London next month?  Myself and Andre Chaperon planned to do one of these informal get togethers a year or so ago and unfortunately snow closed the airports in London so we couldn’t fly in. So we are going to try it again.

I am Speaking at the Warrior Gathering in London on May 12th and 13th so the night before I am going to arrange to meet as many people as I can in a bar in central London. There will be no cost and I don’t expect you to buy me a beer 🙂 . Andre is going to invite some of his subscribers to join him and we’ll try to rope in a few special guests to come and join us. It should be a great night out.

So if you’d like to join us for a beer & a chat add your email address to the list below (it will only be used for this get together then deleted) and i’ll let you know the time and location once we know how many of you are going to turn up.


If you want to make a weekend of it check out the Warrior Gathering, even if i wasn’t scheduled to speak I’d still want to attend it, this opportunity to network shouldn’t be passed up.


I did a short video about using Rapportive a few weeks ago, believe it or not that’s how I find people to reach out to. Their linkedin, facebook or google +  details appear next to their emails ,the rest takes just a few clicks. You can watch the video on the following post

Reach out today!


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I agree with you Mark!
Building relationship is one of the most important activities that needs to be incorporated in your internet marketing business. It can leap frog your business!
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