Houston…Do We Have Lift Off Yet??

By Mark / January 15, 2007

It ‘s almost half way through January so how are all your New Yaer resolutions going?? You did make a plan didn’t you??

If you did then make sure you follow it through. I find that adding a picture of what I most want to my desktop really makes me really focus. If you haven’t then it’s time you did get a plan stick it on your wall next to your monitor and try to follow it.

By following my plan for the year my target was to treble my income it will take time and effort and some long days at the keyboard but it will be worth it. So far this year I’ve launched my mentoring group and I am really happy with the rsults so far we have a really great mix of people there and I really think that some of them are going to achieve great things this year. I am working on my first product of 2007..which will hopefully be launched in february and will fill a much needed gap in the market. (rule #1 find a hungry crowd and feed them)

Allison has got her own online business now writing articles and e-books she’s already had to take on another writer to help out. Here’s a great tip. Before going to e-lance or another freelancer site ask around your local area or your friends we found 3 univerity graduates who are now at home looking after their kids who have 3 or 4 hours a day spare to write all within about a mile of home. This is great for her but means i have to join the queue to get my articles written!

Thats it for now but please please please if you haven’t got a plan together yet please start one and if you don’t know how do get one or what you should focus on then please email at the address the newsletter comes from.

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