The Hypocrisy of Internet Marketers – Rant!

By Mark

April 25, 2012 Internet Marketing 25 Comments

ranking on googleI’ve not had a rant for a long time, I started to think I was starting to mellow in my old age…wrong!

Jonathan Leger made a post on his JL Forums today about the latest google update in it he said that a lot of old sites that shouldn’t be on the first page of google were now appearing. and he gave an example:

Overall Affect: Old Sites With Less SEO Ranking Better

Lots of old sites are being resurrected into the search results, apparently because they have been less optimized. Google has been saying for a while that they would be going after over-optimized sites. That’s fine, but it’s sadly pushing a lot of really poor quality stuff into the search results, at least for the queries I’m following. Stuff that simply should not be in very highly competitive results is ranking well.

I mean, seriously, THIS page is ranking on page one for “bicycle wheels”?


Please go and look at that page and click on any of the articles that are linked to from it. I especially like the wheel building one.

If thats poor quality what on earth is good quality!

Now that you’ve read it please tell me why that site shouldn’t be on the front page of google?? In fact If I owned google I would put that page at #1

I accept that it’s a damn ugly site but not all of us are web designers, when that site started 17 years ago Wordpress wasn’t even a glint in it’s mother eye.

The wheel building article alone is 10,000 words of unique content and if you were building a wheel it has everything you could need in it. The site provides an amazing resource for all things related to cycling and building bikes.

The site hasn’t been built to make money it’s been built to help people and provide information the monetization was a secondary consideration. It’s exactly what google wants on the front page of google, the site has over 1,200 Facebook fans and you just know they weren’t bought for $5. You just also know he hasn’t used spun content and SEnuke to get thousands of backlinks.

So Mr Leger please explain why this site shouldn’t be on the first page of google?

I honestly can’t think why any marketer would begrudge a site like that a top 10 ranking. Unless of course it’s keeping their crappy MFA sites with 5 pages of perfectly spun content that don’t give value off the front page.

Far from decrying Mr Sheldon Brown I want to stand up an applaude him for the effort he’s put into the site, I want to hold him up as an example of the type of sites you should be creating (maybe use wordpress and a nice themes though!)

Let me make myself clear I have nothing personal against Jonathan Leger or nothing against MFA sites , hell I have enough of them myself but what I do object to is marketers who make their money from MFA sites and spun content saying in a public post that a “real” site shouldn’t be on the front page of Google.

We as Marketers do not have the divine right to be on the front page of google if google are making it more difficult for MFA sites to rank then we need to adapt not cry and whinge in forums that our sites have dropped 30 places and a horrible looking site has got to page one.

I’ve been saying it for a while now, you have a choice , play by Google’s rules or play a different game.

So should that site be in the top 10 for wheel building? Feel free to tell me I am an idiot and Jonathan is 100% correct!


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