How to Be Successful- Fail Fast

Fail Fast and fail oftenEvery successful Internet Marketer will have failed more times than he’s been successful, it’s just that people generally don’t create a product or a blog post about how they screwed up. Which is a real pity as their subscribers then get disillusioned when their first project fails and they then give up.

It really is Ok to fail if you know the reason you failed, and that is where most people go wrong. Once a site or a product fails then you need to analyse why it bombed it’s only then that you can learn from it.  Be like a pathologist investigating a death and find the cause of the failure, then next time you can make sure that you don’t have the same problems.

Over the time I was doing WSO’s I created 8 products,  their level of success can be measured as follows.

Success, Failure Failure Failure (at this point I nearly gave up, instead I looked at what was wrong) Success Success Success Success.

After the initial success I thought I’d made it , but I was wrong the following 3 failures nearly made me give up IM but instead of throwing in the towel I looked at what was wrong and it was obvious , I was just stupid for not realizing it earlier.

My target market were just not seeing the products, at that time WSO Plus didn’t exist so no one would promote a WSO for you, I refused to build a list for moral reasons (see told you I was stupid) so I couldn’t tell my previous buyers about my products It doesn’t matter if you have  the best products in the world if no one knows about them.

The run of relative successes came once I started to spread the word about the products I created, I knew that there was no point in creating a course or a series of videos if no one was going to see it so I started to make sure that I had a ready market for anything I produced.

Without analyzing that run of failures I would probably not be writing this and living where I live today.

If you are going to fail then fail quickly, learn your lessons and move on. Don’t get attached to sites or projects that aren’t going to make it. If you can’t make a project work dump it and move on don’t let it slowly drag you and your other projects down.

You will fail, but there is nothing wrong with failing if you know why. Failing is only bad if it makes you give up.

I wrote a post a few years back that talked about planning to be successful but you also need to plan to fail and to know why you failed.  It took the guy in that post 2 years to eat an aircraft. He didn’t sit down and say I’ll eat it all at once he did it one bit at a time and thats how you can be come successful at IM

My golfing & beer sampling buddy Andre Chaperon posted an image as a response to a comment earlier this week so I stole it and I’ll post it here as it sums up success perfectly.

path to sucess


Don’t let failure get you down, and don’t let it make you give up.

I deleted 24 websites from my server this week. Each one of those represented a failure.

I also got sent a payment of $3800 for a deal I made which allowed someone to sell one of my old products as an downsell to one of their products. I originally only sold less than 500 copies of that product… he sold 800.

Was that product a success or a failure?

It all depends on how I want to quantify it.

Watch out for Issue 3 of IM Manifesto later this week, I’ve got space for 1 more article if you’d like to write one but I need it before tomorrow. So if you want to get expose to over 1000 people then let me know and I’ll hold a space for you.


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