Guest Blogging 101

Guest bloggingSince Googles crack down on unnatural linking methods two linking methods have come to the forefront, Blog Commenting and Guest Blogging (sometime known as Guest Posting). I’ve talked about Commenting in several posts so today I want to focus on Guest Blogging.

The secret of effective guest blogging is to provide posts that are of High quality and relevant to the blog you want to post on. The posts shouldn’t be self serving or thinly disguised adverts for your site. Done correctly a guest blog will get you a link back to your site plus traffic.

Below you’ll find a Video that shows you how I find sites to Guest post to and also how I get others to write a lot of my blog content by encouraging guest posts.

The Guest Blogging process is simple,

Site Owners Who accept Guest Post:

Create a page called “Write For Us”  and tell the world that you accept guest posts, also list the topics that you would like content on.  List any rules you have such as;  Maximum 2 links,  No Pharma links, links only in the bio section or links below the fold etc.

Thats it then sit back and you should soon start to get posts or requests for posts sent through.

Guest Bloggers

Search google for “Write For Us” Keyword and find suitable sites to write blog posts for.  Next you need to contact them and propose a post at this point I will usually just include a proposed title and summary. I also tell then that I will include a link in my bio or in the body below the fold.

Some people send the article through with the proposal, I don’t particularly like this as a blog owner, these posts often seem to be of a lower quality and it does seem presumptuous on the part of the guest blogger.

Once you have a reply from the blog owner then tell them when they can expect the article. I usually tell them that I will write it and send it through within 72 hours. Sometimes I have articles in stock and other times I write fresh articles.

If i have a particular rush on and need a bunch of articles I get Allison to write a lot of them  for me you can contact her through Article and Content Solutions

After Your Article Has Been Posted

As soon as your article has been posting give it a bit of Social media love. Tweet it, add it to linked in mention it on Facebook or G+. It takes 5 minutes and will separate you from 95% of other guest bloggers.

I never understand why more people don’t do this, it benefits the blog owner who will be grateful plus it can generate a bit of extra traffic to your site via your links. If I see that one of my guest posters has put a bit of effort into promoting their article I always offer them the opportunity of writing more posts.


Have a great weekend!!  Oh and Well done to Rach one of our WordPress Goldmine members who not only had her highest earning day yesterday but has a #1 Kindle book  on Amazon


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