I.M. Manifesto Issue 3 Is Now Available

By Mark

May 8, 2012 Podcasts 6 Comments

IM ManifestoIssue 3 of IM manifesto is now available from the download page.

The topics covered this month include , Why copywriting is important,  How to launch products like a Guru, How to be successful online and why trying to rank in google might no longer be a good business move.

Why not let me know what you think of the magazine and what articles you’d like to see covered, you are more than welcome to also submit your own articles.


It doesn’t matter if you are a big name guru or a newbie just starting out your views and insights are just as valid. (you’ll also get some exposure which is never a bad thing!


I would also ask that if possible you spread the word about IM Manifesto, the more people that read it and know about it the more people will realize that being an Ethical Internet Marketer and being successful are not mutually exclusive.

Spread the word by sharing this post in Facebook, LinkedIn or Google Plus and by Tweeting,  Feel free to do all 4 if you wish..I won’t mind!!


Enjoy the magazine and I welcome your Feedback Download Issue 3 (and the previous issues ) at  http://mjthompson.net/im-manifesto/


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