Anti-Marketing Marketing – My Seminar Take Away

I’ve just returned from a weekend in London where I was giving a presentation at the London Warrior Gathering.

I’ve done 2 presentations In the past to members of WordPress Goldmine and because they were quite small groups it didn’t really prepare me for a full on seminar like this which had over 120 attendees and 10 other speakers. Let me tell you this,  I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Being able to talk to people at different stages of Internet marketing, from people with multi million dollar income to people who have been in IM for a few months and haven’t made any money yet you get a real feel about what actually matters in IM and more importantly what matters to people.

I am very aware that this was generally a UK centric audience, we did have a few visitors from the US and Europe so maybe the feeling would be different in the US but the impression I got was that people are tired of being sold to all the time, they are fed up of the hype, they even don’t want to have to market like that themselves.  Overall I felt that majority of the people i talked to really would like to see more rounded Internet Marketing.

So what does more rounded Internet Marketing entail, in my personal view the balance between selling and education needs to be adjusted any selling should come on the back of educating your subscribers and readers. Rather than thinking what can I sell my subscribers today, think what can I teach my subscribers today, then you can look for products that will enhance that learning.

This post isn’t for everyone, just like my presentation wasn’t for everyone at the seminar.  Internet marketing is also like that.  For some people full on Marketing is a good fit, it’s suits their mentality and personality. For others like myself it really isn’t right for us,  we need to market in a different way.  I think this is maybe where people go wrong and give up online marketing,The see it sone one way and  they don’t feel comfortable doing it that way so they walk away from marketing.

There is another way.

Before going to London I thought that my “Anti-Marketing Marketing” style was something that not many people would be interested in I think I was wrong.  After my presentation I had lots of feedback from people who said that they would feel much more comfortable marketing if they could do it in a similar way.  You Can!  However you need to be aware that it is a far more long term strategy that can take a while to really pay off.

Even as you read this I am marketing to you,  I have my products listed in the sidebar, I have a link for a trial membership of my WPGoldmine Forum.. do you feel like I am selling to you?

More Importantly I don’t feel like I am selling to you and that suits me just fine.

Sometimes it seems like everyone Is selling something, be different & be original and stand out from the crowd, get potential customers to come to you then build a relationship then and only then point them in the direction of stuff that will help them achieve what they want.

One of the other presenters who has been in IM about the same time as me showed how he made $12,000 on the saturday while he was looking around art galleries, thats a great achievement and I take my hat off to him, he also mentioned his office, his staff, his telephone sales staff, the $10,000 a month he’s spending on coaching.  That’s really not for me.

My idea of a good day in IM is to sit in the bar after a game of golf, check my emails and find I’ve made 10 product sales and got a few new subscribers to WPGoldmine… Different Strokes for different folks.

Find the type of Marketing that suits you, that you are comfortable with and then just get out there and do it!

Thanks to all the great attendees and presenters I talked to in London, you guys gave me so many ideas and so much encouragement to continue on this slightly weird marketing path.  There also wasn’t 1 presentation where I didn’t have an AHA! moment.  I am 100% serious the seminar really was that good. Finally a big thanks to Paul Clifford and Justin for organizing it and inviting me to speak.  Now bring on the next one!



  1. says

    Hi Mark-

    Your version of a good day of IM is a heck of a lot like mine. I don’t feel compelled to jam a bunch of IM products down people’s throats the way others do. I attempt to educate and offer services and feel confidently rewarded when my educated shoppers make good choices.

    It definitely has not been a short trip for me but as I have grown I have seen fewer and fewer bumps along the road.
    Barry recently posted..Burlesque Night Live in Laconia Opens to Amused AudienceMy Profile


  2. says

    Hey Mark

    I was going to that seminar but family stuff got in the way :( Would have liked to hear you speak in the flesh as it were!
    I like your semi laid back style which to be honest suits me better than the hype of my mentor who I started with in Feb/Mar of this year. By the by he was a speaker at the same event as yourself.
    Sunday afternoon I believe, last thing!
    I look forward to reading more of your no hype stuff :)
    Paul Conway recently posted..Edifying | InspirationalMy Profile



    Paul, as i said in the blog post it’s different stroked for different folks, some people thrive on the in your face marketing style others don’t. I think it’s all about finding a style that suits you and that you are happy with


  3. Marc says

    S#E@A&N M^I*Z$E treats his list horribly. He sends me 3 to 5 emails a day. The man is relentless. I think he’s trying to brow beat me into either buying something or unsubscribing. I’m doing neither. He’s in my spam filter instead. :)


  4. says

    Hi Mark,

    Is there a prize for guessing who it was in an art gallery, because I can hazard a guess who he is from the way you have written above… :)

    I have to agree with you that I too prefer the way you go about marketing, the problem with people who “make it” big from nothing and then ram emails down subscibers throats is the in the main they forget where they came from and thier egos take over.

    Glad all went well and that you got good feedback from people who agreed with you. I wasn’t there – went fishing instead off the Connemara coast and caught some great Pollock so BBQ on the beach was had.

    All the best to you and yours

    Mike Russen recently posted..Blog Changed To New ThemeMy Profile



    Was that a load of pollocks?


    Mike Russen

    Nice one mate :)
    Mike Russen recently posted..Blog Changed To New ThemeMy Profile


  5. says

    Mark, I can relate to finding your own style of internet marketing that you’re comfortable with. For me it all comes back to the golden rule..treat others the way you expect to be treated…


  6. says

    Hi Mark,

    You are establishing yourself as a leader moving in the direction of a better IM experience for all. I agree with you 100%. It’s a breath of fresh air to hear someone stand up and tell it like it could be. Thanks.
    Glenn Stanza recently posted..15 Grams to Greater HealthMy Profile


  7. says

    Spot on Mark, it all boils down to what you want and when you want it.

    The one “who wants to become a billionaire” cannot waste time not sending daily offers,as the goal is to make lots of money.

    If you want to teach people something when you feel like teaching, play golf when you feel like playing golf and need to earn enough money to sustain that lifestyle, you can adjust your earning strategies as such.

    It’s all about what you want, when you want it and how you want to get there, easy peasy :)


  8. says

    I’ve just finished Brad Gosse’s book and I was quite surprised at some of his views. He comes across as laid back but in the book he says if you don’t want to be sold to get off of his list. I’m not on his list but he sounds quite hardcore about it. I don’t suppose he will be as charmless as someone said Sean Mize is but I thought he was more in your camp. Do you have any strategy in place with your email marketing or do you just broadcast when the inspiration strikes.
    Ade recently posted..What Limitless Taught Me About The Fear Of SuccessMy Profile



    I had dinner with brad on Sunday night and he is actually very charrming… (had to keep my wife from swooning!) and he’s also a very straight talking guy.

    I try to email some useful content at least once a week to my main list, my blog subscribers get emails when there is an update to the blog so twice or 3 times a week.

    I’ll only ever promote if there is a Good quality product thats a good fit with my lists


  9. says

    hi mark

    gutted that i couldnt come at the last minute but will be at the next meet up 110% :-)

    it certainly does get very frustrating when people just bombard you with promo after promo

    i think these type of marketers just churn and burn

    they build a list burn it then lose people then just keep bringing in new subscribers and not thinking
    and long term strategy or customer relationship

    you know about the recent wso that i purchased where the seller has sent me 4 more promotions in the last 2 weeks. Ive not had any value or anything just promo after promo lol

    crazy aint it!

    paul nicholls blog recently posted..How to Treat Your Customers Like an ATM Cash MachineMy Profile


  10. says

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for bringing your personal brand of awareness in helping to bring some balance in the e-mail marketing insanity industry.
    Here’s a couple of ”subject lines” I received to my inbox today:
    1. hands-free $2k a month from the beginning (despite Panda and Penguin)
    2. automatic income with a two page website
    3. too much wine and a jet.
    Lol, I’m almost without words, except the last one. Maybe he has had too much wine! These are all from 3 different ‘sources’.
    Number 2 above, was also laughable, as myself and countless others have been ‘creamed’ with thin sites we owned, from the Penguin update, especially. (On a side note, I also own authority sites, which have survived the best).
    I think the days of selling products off of what I consider to be bull**** lines, as illustrated above, which clearly “flies in the face of reality and logic” are going down the toilet, I hope!
    I’m”unsubscribing” from all 3, just liked to have them in my backpocket for a bit, to get my own case study on a pattern which is without a doubt, hugely popular among affiliate or im’rs (with their “subscribers”).
    My hats off to you Mark for keeping it ‘real’ and ethical, and not misleading your subscribers down a ‘rosy path’ that’s just covered in thorns and heartbreak, not to mention cash-strapped after being ripped off, which happens too often, by nothing less than ruthless online thugs (it’s true).
    Reason being I’ve stayed on your list for at least a couple of years now, and if anything I’ve ‘saved’ a number of your e-mails, as a handy reference. Seriously, you do a terrific job Mark :)
    Paul Nicholls made some good points also, and since I’ve been reviewing products also, including WSO’s, I can say that Paul is not exagerating either.
    Let’s all do our bit to keep it real and ethical, it’s so much more rewarding in the end (at a mindful level )and we can ‘still profit’ … o.k. maybe we won’t be on a “jet and drinking wine”, lol, but success is also measured by good deeds (and that means not throwing garbage to the starving masses), having a rounded quality life (quality time also spent with family, could squeeze in some golf time too) and honest work and persistence often pays off financially in the end too.
    Cheers ;)



    Ann I agree 100% with what you wrote… By being honest and straight forward you can easily replace an annual income with IM.

    Where people tend to go astray is that they focus on the Ferrarri’s and the millionaire lifestyles the 1% dangle in front of us all the time. They then think this this is the only way to market, forgetting that the guru’s spend thousands of dollars a month learning their selling techniques from a few “Jedi’s”


  11. Doug Prentice says

    Hi Mark
    I find daily emails a real turnoff. In the early stages one believes that inside every email there will be the piece of info that will open the door to untold riches.
    But after a while we all work out that it’s nothing but a sales pitch. A lot of internet marketers seem to start out with good intentions e.g. three educational emails followed by one selling email. Then as a degree of success occurs the balance shifts and you end up with nothing but a stream of selling pitches. I ask you who has the time to review every WSO and find something EVERY day that is worthy of recommendation to their list. This is when good turns into greedy and devalues all the work that has gone before.
    This results in people either unsubscribing or just binning the emails.
    When I see one of your emails my first reaction is “Oh! I wonder what Mark has to say that’s interesting” or “What’s upset Mark today?”. There’s always a reason to open the mail.
    Based on this, when there is a call to action, as most recently in the case of Keyword Blaze, I know to grab the opportunity.
    So please don’t change too much.
    Best regards



    Thanks Doug!


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