Anti-Marketing Marketing – My Seminar Take Away

I’ve just returned from a weekend in London where I was giving a presentation at the London Warrior Gathering.

I’ve done 2 presentations In the past to members of WordPress Goldmine and because they were quite small groups it didn’t really prepare me for a full on seminar like this which had over 120 attendees and 10 other speakers. Let me tell you this,  I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Being able to talk to people at different stages of Internet marketing, from people with multi million dollar income to people who have been in IM for a few months and haven’t made any money yet you get a real feel about what actually matters in IM and more importantly what matters to people.

I am very aware that this was generally a UK centric audience, we did have a few visitors from the US and Europe so maybe the feeling would be different in the US but the impression I got was that people are tired of being sold to all the time, they are fed up of the hype, they even don’t want to have to market like that themselves.  Overall I felt that majority of the people i talked to really would like to see more rounded Internet Marketing.

So what does more rounded Internet Marketing entail, in my personal view the balance between selling and education needs to be adjusted any selling should come on the back of educating your subscribers and readers. Rather than thinking what can I sell my subscribers today, think what can I teach my subscribers today, then you can look for products that will enhance that learning.

This post isn’t for everyone, just like my presentation wasn’t for everyone at the seminar.  Internet marketing is also like that.  For some people full on Marketing is a good fit, it’s suits their mentality and personality. For others like myself it really isn’t right for us,  we need to market in a different way.  I think this is maybe where people go wrong and give up online marketing,The see it sone one way and  they don’t feel comfortable doing it that way so they walk away from marketing.

There is another way.

Before going to London I thought that my “Anti-Marketing Marketing” style was something that not many people would be interested in I think I was wrong.  After my presentation I had lots of feedback from people who said that they would feel much more comfortable marketing if they could do it in a similar way.  You Can!  However you need to be aware that it is a far more long term strategy that can take a while to really pay off.

Even as you read this I am marketing to you,  I have my products listed in the sidebar, I have a link for a trial membership of my WPGoldmine Forum.. do you feel like I am selling to you?

More Importantly I don’t feel like I am selling to you and that suits me just fine.

Sometimes it seems like everyone Is selling something, be different & be original and stand out from the crowd, get potential customers to come to you then build a relationship then and only then point them in the direction of stuff that will help them achieve what they want.

One of the other presenters who has been in IM about the same time as me showed how he made $12,000 on the saturday while he was looking around art galleries, thats a great achievement and I take my hat off to him, he also mentioned his office, his staff, his telephone sales staff, the $10,000 a month he’s spending on coaching.  That’s really not for me.

My idea of a good day in IM is to sit in the bar after a game of golf, check my emails and find I’ve made 10 product sales and got a few new subscribers to WPGoldmine… Different Strokes for different folks.

Find the type of Marketing that suits you, that you are comfortable with and then just get out there and do it!

Thanks to all the great attendees and presenters I talked to in London, you guys gave me so many ideas and so much encouragement to continue on this slightly weird marketing path.  There also wasn’t 1 presentation where I didn’t have an AHA! moment.  I am 100% serious the seminar really was that good. Finally a big thanks to Paul Clifford and Justin for organizing it and inviting me to speak.  Now bring on the next one!


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