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IM Manifesto Issue 4 – Now Available

By Mark / June 11, 2012
IM Manifesto issue 4

IM Manifesto issue 4

In this months IM Manifesto we look at how google are starting to test paid search results, by that i mean the ranking in the results is directly related to how much the advertiser pays. This might not actually be such a bad thing.  Do you know how much you’ve spent to get to the first page of google?  Some companies pay thousands and i be if you look at the time and effort you’ve spent you’d be shocked at what that page 1 ranking has cost you.

Continuing with the theme of Google we have an interesting article by BJ Novack which documents the games that google have been playing and how googles suite of products ahve expanded and why thats happened. BJ also contributed a very interesting article on using social media even if you are an Introvert and how you can get an army of fans to do the promotion for you.

Bill Allen has written an article with looks at link cloaking and redirects and how you can use them for SEO purposes, i found several really good ideas in the article that I’ll be testing out in the near future.

Finally i’ve included a case study about how social media engagement has more than doubled a sites fans in the past few months and more importantly increased their income by 4 times.

You’ll also find a coule of small sections i’ve added that will hopefully lighten the tone a little and give you a chuckle.

Next Month I want to focus on listbuilding, so I would welcome any content related to the topic.

Whether you are a fan of building relationships or of the churn and burn style of list building I want to give you a chance to get your views across. I also want to make it the biggest issue yet so if you want to contribute and get your views infront of several thousand readers then please contact me at Mark  (at..)  mjthompson.net

You can download Issue 4 Of  IM manifesto at http://mjthompson.net/im-manifesto/

Please share IM manifesto with your friends and colleagues using the share buttons below or in the sidebar, The More people who know about the magazine= the more people who read the magazine =higher profile contributors I can attract … Thats  Win- Win for all of us





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