Christmas is Coming -Time to Make Money -10 Top Tips

By Mark / October 28, 2008

Last year I made more money in November and December than I did in any other 6 month period prior to it.  It set me up for my successful year ever plus this year the same sites I set up last year are already starting to attract a healthy income even before I’ve done any promotion of them. The main one has already had a couple of $100 days and I’ve not touched it since last November.

You are not too late to jump on the Christmas bandwagon. You’ll hear of people who set up their Christmas sites in June not me a week before Thanksgiving is more than enough. The secret is to focus on 1 or two products and aim to dominate the search engine listing for that product.

Last year with 2 articles, a blog page, and some social bookmarking posts plus squidoo and hubpages I had 7 of the top 10 place in google for 1 product. That was enough to sell over $250,000 worth of that product . Not bad when the commission was 12%.  When the supplier ran out of the product I just switched my sales links to ebay where people who had bought 2 or 3 items were selling them for 3 to 4 times what they paid for them.

There is nothing like the feeling of checking your income stats and finding you made $300 from a 2 day old blog has to be up there as one of the best feelings ever… it’s even better when it happens every day but it never feels as good as that first time.

Here are some tips that will help you.

  1. 1. Choose 1 or 2 products it doesn’t matter what they are, think of what people buy for christmas and stick to those. Don’t spread yourself too thin
  2. 2. Watch TV read magazines and make note of whats being heavily advertised
  3. 3. Try to use product names: Tissot Men’s T-Touch Titanium Watch will rank better than Mens Tissot Watch
  4. 4. Decide who you want to sell through, you have a choice of merchants and affiliate networks, shareasale, google affiliate network are great but don’t forget Amazon and eBay you might earn less commission but they are well known and customers are happy to use them as they are trusted..and when was the last time anyone only bought 1 item on amazon!
  5. 5. Make you site/blog so that it is easy to swap out the links for another if the merchant sells out.
  6. 6. Write or outsource articles it’s cheaper than PPC.  Each article I wrote last year earned me in the region of $7,000  even if you only earn $100 per article isn’t it worth paying $7 -$10 for it?
  7. 7. Don’t overlook adding adsense to your site PPC advertisers bid big at christmas to get sales of popular products.
  8. 8. Avoid the obvious products that everyone will be going for you don’t need to be in a competitive market there is more than enough money to be made on other products.
  9. 9. Your aim is to get as many of the top 10 search results so don’t be afraid to get links back to your Articles on EzineArticles tools like gather, Zimbio and Digg can be very useful.
  10. 10. When you start earning money reinvest some of it in services like UAW which will help increase your search engine rankings.

So there you have it 10 tips to help you to have a very prosperous christmas. I cover how I created and promoted my sites in more detail in WordPress Goldmine so if you bought it earlier in the year it’s probably time to have a re-read of it!

Finally If the only thing that’s putting you off of setting up sites for christmas is that you don’t like to write articles then visit Allison wrote all my articles last year so she know how to write product articles. (can you write 500 words on an obscure product? she can!).

She’ll also write articles ready for posting to UAW.  I’ve negotiated a discount for readers of my blog so use the promo code:  “Mark Loves Allison” (it’s ok she’s my wife!) when you email her and she’ll give you a 10% discount

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