The Warrior Gathering Videos

Warrior Gathering VideosLast month I packed my bags and headed to London, in search of fame and fortune, only to find the streets weren’t paved with gold….  OK wrong story!

Lets Start again…

Last month I headed to London to do a presentation at the Warrior Gathering where a hundred or so members of the warrior forum had gathered to network and hear various marketing related presentations over the course of the weekend.

To say I was nervous was an understatement… after all,  the theme of my presentation was basically that selling products  on the warrior forum was a bad business Model…what could possibly go wrong!

Surprisingly it went pretty well, apart from one moment where I made a massive Freudian slip… but I think no one noticed.. (I think the laugh it got maybe means they did!) I mostly talked about how I market and why I do it that way, the focus isn’t on money in the bank it’s on customer satisfaction, get that right and the money will follow.

Anyway I am not here to talk just about my presentation,

Some of the presentations were superb and could be potentially life changing, I know that is an over used cliche but in this case I genuinely believe it. Whilst looking around for some testimonials I came across this post which mentioned The warrior gathering in just those terms..    thanks for those great comments Max.

Some of the Highlights for me were:

Michael Christon – I had never heard of Michael before the Gathering, he usually runs seminars that will cost you $1800 to attend where he teaches businesses how to sell.  His talk was a fascinating presentation on the psychology of sales, Just using the most basic things from his presentation on your websites could increase your income.   I’ve kept in touch with Michael and hope to do something with him later in the year.

Peter Garety – How to create a community of loyal fans – Peter is a Marketer who genuinely cares about his subscribers and buyers and this came across in his presentation, as if I wasn’t nervous enough, I had to follow him on to stage, Peter has gone from nothing to selling over 17,000 copies of his products in 10 months and you don’t do that by being an idiot!

Brad Gosse – Great presentation, lots of great tips and commonsense and also funny (probably keep this one away from the kids!) , I’d give my right arm to be as relaxed on stage as he was, he presented an hour long Q&A session where people could ask him anything about marketing.

Paul Clifford – How to build a software empire,

To be honest I didn’t like all the presentations, Alex Jefferies was very slick and well rehearsed (maybe thats where I went wrong!) but from the minute he stepped on stage I was waiting for the pitch and he didn’t disappoint..he did make some interesting points about sales funnels but it really wasn’t my cup of tea!

I also didn’t want to like Mark Lyford as his marketing style is totally opposite to mine, however he is a really nice guy and I came away having a lot of time for him, I still won’t use his methods but they do work, and no doubt they will work for some of you reading this, it’s just not for me.

The thing is everyone on that stage during the weekend is making a full time income online through one method or another.

Overall the presentations were excellent and it was really great to know that a lot of the marketers there both presenting and attending believe that building close relationships is the way forward, I came away from London feeling more optimistic about the direction IM is heading than when i got there

You can now get hold of all the videos from the weekend, there are 12 videos in all at a great price which is a very small fraction of what it cost to attend.

Find out more at:

Warrior Gathering Videos

I actually thought that I spoke a bit fast during parts of mine which i put down to nerves so i’ve added my slides as well so you can go through them at your leisure.

At less than $1.50 a video you really can’t got wrong.

Here is that link again Warrior Gathering Videos

Normal service will be resumed on Monday!




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    Looks like a great deal on these, I am looking forward to watching them. Just wondering if I can put them onto a DVD and watch while lounging on the sofa.



    you can down load them so that shouldn’t be an problem.. :) But please wear trousers!


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    Had the opportunity to buy this before Mark but I was on the fence and decided not to. Just found this post after you commented at my site and decided to make the purchase as you were good enough to drop by my place and comment!

    btw, it was a cock-up, not a Freudian slip! lol I’m sure you gave good info anyway buddy, off to start looking at the vids now.

    Make sure ya come back and answer the question I asked ya at the site, I’m sure readers will be interested in hearing your reply. :-)



    Hi chris, replied… it’s actually a plugin by paul forcey who also commented on this thread :) spooky!


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    Great post Mark and thanks so much for your awesome share at the Gathering. Has to be said even without my unbiased co-organisers hat on that it was a really fantastic two days and it is amazing how much I managed to take away.

    It is really pleasing to hear that a) you enjoyed presenting, you didn’t strike me as remotely nervous, and b) that you managed to get value out of most of the other presentations.


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    I am also a member of warriorforum and I learn a lot from them. Most members are helpful and will share their idea. I’m not yet successful but I’m hoping to be. I also like the people you listed above. They have great knowledge about IM and they are successful. I like also the way you state that you focus first on customer satisfaction and the money will follow. Hope I can be a successful like you in the future.
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