Monday Tip – The Best WordPress Plugins

The Best WordPress PluginsFirst off I know it’s not Monday it’s Tuesday, but hey thats a minor detail. I’ve just got back from 4 days away with my friends playing golf and have loads to catch up on so I am going to start this post and let you guys finish it.

Here’s how it’s going to work .

I will list 4 types of plugins and what I consider to be the best plugin in that category, It’s then up to you to tell me what you think are the best plugins and even suggest categories and plugins .

At the end we should have the ultimate list of plugins and a great resource. A quick word of warning plugins can slow down your sites so it’s important that you only use the plugins you really need. I’ve seen loads of sites where people had 30+ plugins active. Try to keep the plugins you use to 6-10 and you should have no issues with site speed.


WordPress SEO By Yoast.

I used to always recommend All In One SEO but Yoast’s SEO plugin is a level above all in one. It’s very rare that you’ll find this level of features in a free plugin. It can look a bit complicated to start with but the documentation is well written and soon you’ll be finding the benefits of a well optimized blog.


Blog Optimisation

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total cache is my favorite plugin in this category, I will warn you now that it can seem complicated at first but it can sped up your site considerably. from the basics like making files smaller to uploading images and large files to a content delivery network it will help you sped up your site which in turn to lead to better rankings and a better user experience.


Link Building

 Comment Luv

I use the premium version of comment luv but the free version is very useful and really does encourage people to leave comments on your site.  The more comments you get the better the interaction and the more notice google will take of your site.. Social signals is where it’s at!

With lots of anti spam filters built in the premiumm version really does cut down on spam as well as attracting a wide variety of commenters. It also lets you choose which of your posts to promote when you leave a comment.  As i found out last week support is also second to none, as Andy the owner fixed a problem i had in a few minutes.

One added benefit is I’ve come across some really great contacts just by commenting on their blogs. The read the post that comment luv has highlighted and then contact me or comment which can often lead to a working relationship

You can read about comment luv at: Comment Luv 


Social Sharing

 Sexy Bookmarks (AKA Shareaholic)

I’ve used sexy bookmarks since I first came across it a few years ago and it’s still as good as ever, with over 1.5 million downloads It must be one of the most used plugins available . To top it all it’s just got better with a whole host of new features and functions, analytics, related posts, recommended posts,classic bookmarks and more.

You can read all about this on their blog


Thats it, now it’s over to you, let me know your favorite plugins and the reasons they should be considered.

Finally it’s my 50th birthday in a few days so I want to do a mega post to celebrate, let me know what you’d like me to write about..  I’ll consider anything legal!

Ohh and Finally Finally… please share this post …I love the exposure ;)

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