Monday Tip – Follow The Money Not The Dream

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Change Dreams to GoalsFirstly thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes, I had a superb weekend and possibly the best party ever, I am proud to say that I was the last man standing!

So now back to work and time to refocus on business.

Dreams Or Goals

In my  book  “I Can”  (available on Amazon OR for FREE if you subscribe to the blog updates!) I talk about taking your dreams and turning them into goals as once you have a goal you have something you can focus on. For example if one of my dreams was to visit the great barrier reef in Australia as a dream it would be just that, a simple idea that I want to visit the Great Barrier reef BUT if I turn that into a goal I can really focus on making that happen.

Goal: To visit the Great Barrier Reef.

Time required 15 days: – No problem there all I need is Wifi and an iPad to work


Flights,  €1300

Accommodation: €630 (airbnb rainforest home..nice!)

Spending Money €2000

Therefore If I can earn and save €3930 ($4966) I can now achieve my Goal I know exactly what I need to do and I can now come up with a plan.

So now instead of having a desire to go to the great barrier reef I have the basis of an achievable plan,  I need to find a way to make just short of €4000, It’s now down to me to work out a way of doing this within the time span I am going to set.

I would recommend that you set a realistic but relatively short time span, don’t set it to years set it to 6 month’s or less.

So now I have to work out how to create that income…

Adsense – too slow and too unreliable

Product creation – Possible , but will need JV partners

Providing a service – 800 articles would probably do it,  at 10 a day thats going to be 3 months or so

Building and flipping sites – Possible but will need 50 or more sites so will need to look at outsourcing…

…And so on work your way through the options and then choose 1 or 2 or 3 of the options that are achievable and realistic.

Success Is Attainable

I decided to write this post today after reading a couple of blog posts in the Forum, Rita mentioned that her son had set up a lemonade stand outside of their house and had made $40 , Keith also posted that he had success with his first kindle book and had made almost $300 from it so far both these were down to people actually taking action and doing something.

I know that some people do struggle to make money online BUT in reality i suspect that a lot of that is down to a lack of focus, everyone I’ve met online who has made money consistently has been incredibly focused and dedicated, they’ve not let things distract them.  Checkout the blog posts from one of my regular commenters on the site Mike From Maine he has documented the process he’s gone through to make an income online.

I would suggest starting from the beginning of the blog and working your way forward , while doing that ask yourself one question:

“At What Point Would I have Given Up?”

I believe that June was a particularly good month and really justifies the effort Mike put in so watch out for that update.

The point I really want to get across is to think closely about how you want to make money online and then focus on that and stick to it until you are either a success or you know that you have given it as much as you can.

The Key is to know that there is  not one more thing you could have done to make that business sucessful, did you contact everyone you could have contacted, did you really build enough back links or do enough Press releases… did you really give it 100%?

Only you’ll know!

And Finally…

It’s time to try something different, as you know I love to test things and come up with new Ideas that will hopefully help to get my name out there, so here is something I dreamt up over the weekend..

Amazing Fact Of The Week

Of the 7029 WSO’s that have been promoted via Warrior Plus, How Many have made over 1000 sales and how many have made less than 50 sales?  I think you’ll be shocked at the result..

Just click one of the buttons below to find out the result!

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Only 302 products out of 7039 have sold more than 1000 copies thats 4%

3521 have sold less than 50 copies thats a percentage of 49.90% Almost half.

Thank you for clicking!

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  1. says

    Hi Mark,

    Great post – glad you had a great party “last man standing :) ” – great title for an ebook there…

    Yep Great Barrier Reef go for it – it is fantastic place to scuba also visit Byron Bay when you are there saw some great dolphin dispays off the coast there + whales.

    All the best

    Mike Russen recently posted..Facebook Email SettingsMy Profile


  2. Bill Smith says

    Good points Mark. Any clearly defined goal setting with time limits is the way forward.

    I have been totally focused on building my business and now make a full-time living from IM. I also have goals set into the future, which form a proper business plan.

    Might sound extreme, but I have tts software on my computer that audibly reminds me of the time every 30 minutes to make sure I don’t wander off into the undergrowth.

    What I do is pretty simple stuff that requires some element of repetition that can become incredibly unattractive some days.

    As you say – the trick is to find your path and follow it – staying in touch with what’s happening, but not wavering or buying all the bright shiny tools and distractions that keep popping up in front of your face.

    Basically – just get on with it!

    One small point . . . if you plan to visit the Great Barrier Reef and have a six month plan – wouldn’t it be wise to recalculate in Pesetas!




    Actually at the rate the euro to dollar is going i might be able to go next week by selling a few $7 products :)

    Good points you made ..


  3. says

    Hi Mark,

    Happy belated birthday and nice post… except… What you are ACTUALLY going to do then to make that $5k to do your dream trip? You pretty much dismissed all of the options you came up with…?!

    “…And so on work your way through the options and then choose 1 or 2 or 3 of the options that are achievable and realistic.

    So what other options did you go through and what are you doing to get to your goal?! That’s why I clicked on the post to read it from the email you sent me…

    Hope you can post more. Cheers, Clare.




    You need to work though the options that you have,

    Personally I would create a product then get some JV partners.. what would work for you as i know from experience that I can generate income this way?

    There is no easy answer unfortunately everyone will need to find what works for them.


  4. says

    As always, a timely post from you. I have had a VERY rough month of June, and this post will help me to re-dedicate, focus and work on July, and give up whatever has occurred before. There IS a way…and we can’t look back to the point it bogs us down.

    And Happy Birthday!
    Joanne recently posted..Energy Saving with Eco-Strip is Eco-Smart!My Profile



    Focus is the key in IM..


  5. says

    Hi Mark

    That was pretty crafty, I had to click on both buttons to get the WSO answer. The G+ button did not reveal anything.

    Never mind, I was happy to give you two clicks anyway.

    I’m glad you gave your final answer to Clare, because I was wondering what you you would do to get to the Great Barrier Reef.

    Thanks for a great post and a belated Happy Birthday to you.
    Dave E Wilkes recently posted..Free New Resource For Internet And Online Marketing – Guaranteed ResultsMy Profile



    Ahhh G+ should have worked I’ll point that out to Justin and see what he says.. thanks


  6. says

    For starters I thought you wanted to find a way to reach the GBReef in 15 days from now, so you really got me reading further :)

    Focus, leverage and work: the 3 basics to get things done :)

    Great soccer team you have there!



    I was cheering for Italy ;)


  7. Colin W says

    Hi Mark

    As a WPG member you shouldn’t be giving away this great advice! :-)

    On a different note what is the FB & G+1 plugin you are using to reveal the rest of your post?

    Many thanks




    Colin, I use Justin Wheelers Viral bait …

    You know there is better info in the forum :)


    Colin W Reply:

    Thanks Mark – you’re a star!


  8. says

    Hey Mark,

    I clicked on the G+ button, but I didn’t see any results… did I miss something????

    Cindy recently posted..Capresso Impressa – For Your Best Dose of Caffeine in the MorningMy Profile



    Cindy the one just below the question? or the one at the bottom of the page? it should have been the one in the post that will reveal the answer (4% and 50% Shhhh don’t tell everyone!)


    Jillian P Reply:

    No, the G+ button didn’t reveal anything, until I did FB like as well, thought it was part of your cunning plan! :)



    No we think that G+ was experiencing difficulties for a while..

    Pity because it was an interesting experiment, strangely more people clicked G+ than FB.. but that part of the experiment is now invalid :(

  9. says

    G’day Mark:

    Another enlightening post, and a great idea to turn vague “I wish” goals into something more focused.

    Itemising the wish list with monetary values turns the goal into a target, and watching the money trickle in, is a practical way to chart progress.

    I’m lucky to be living in Australia and have had the pleasure of snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef.
    Can’t recommend it highly enough.

    Being a beginner at IM, I struggle to get traffic to my Amazon review site, but I keep plugging away.

    I get the feeling sometimes, that I’m getting left behind in the dust with the changes in IM happening so quickly these days. Makes it very hard to stay focused.

    It would be interesting to hear what you would concentrate on, with the benefit of hindsight, if you were a non-techie newbie starting out today. I guess it wouldn’t be Adsense.

    Anyway, don’t forget to take plenty of sunscreen when you get to the reef.

    Cheers, Leon
    Leon recently posted..Swiss Gear Montreaux Ten Person Family Dome TentMy Profile




    Adsense has been very good to me so if i was starting out again 7 years ago I’d still do it, now i might think harder about whether i wanted google to have so much power over my business.

    I still love building blogs but when i can spend a week building a blog and hope i make money or a week creating a product and Know i can make money..then it’s often hard to focus on the blogs.


  10. Kerry Acutt says

    Hi Mark,

    Great post and we had a great birthday party with you on Saturday. You really were the last man standing (or propping up on a chair if that counts lol) we had a blast as always in your company.

    Totally agree with everything that you’ve said here. Far too many people follow a dream but rarely ever turn it in to a goal.

    If you have a dream, try to define clear and concise steps on how that “dream” can be turned into reality.

    If you don’t, then a dream will remain what it is, a dream.



    Cheers Kerry, you wern’t far behind me :)


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