Monday Tip – 3 Tips For Working Smarter

how to work smarterAbout 18months ago I wrote a post about the 5 things that made Internet Marketing easier,  you’ll see part of the original post below this post but I thought it might be time to do an update as a lot has changed over the past year and a half especially as one of the tips was to outsource all your backlinking..Doh! (not a good idea at the moment)

 1. Outsource The Things You Don’t Want To Do and the Things That Take Time.

Fiverr can be an amazing time saver, In the past few weeks I have had people create headers and intros for videos for me, I could have spent time and done those myself but they would probably have taken over an hour each,  instead for $5 I had people do a much better job than I would have done.

I also know the power of social media and know that I should be making much better use of Facebook, G+ and Pinterest but it takes time to learn to do it effectively, i’ve drastically reduced the time it takes to “get traction” by hiring a Social Media Manager to do a lot of the stuff that takes time and to keep me on track with the stuff that matters. It doesn’t matter how important the task is if you don’t like to do it you’ll try to avoid doing it so you need to get someone who can help you to take action.

I hate the whole process of getting JV partners, I know that I need them to help get the word out about my products but I’ll find 101 things that are more important , like cleaning the fluff out of my microphone. Once that starts to happen too often I know it’s time to hire a JV manager , it’s not the easiest task finding a good one but it’s worth persevering with.

Apart from fiver I tend to now rely on personal recommendations, I used to recommend odesk for hiring staff but the quality of applicants seems to have hit an all time low so now I ask people I know if they know anyone, if you needed a plumber at home what would you do , ask a friend to recommend someone or just get the guy with the nicest looking ad?

(If you know a reliable good quality experienced JV manager contact me!)


2. Use Tools, Plugins and a Process That Makes Promotion Easier

Since Google decided to change the rules on a regular basis getting backlinks can cause more problems than it solves, if you focus on the right keywords then you can often rank without too much back linking. The other path you can take is to use social media to attract people to your posts. There are several plugins and tools that will help you automate the process in general this is what I do to each post I write wether it is on this blog of one of my niche blogs.

Automatically send each post to Twitter

Share each post on Facebook, Linkedin and Google plus

Syndicate each new post to several other niche related blogs with a link back to this blog

Inform all my subscribers of each new post via an email, I’ll sometimes add a few extra tips or Information into the emails.

Find related blogs that us the comment luv plugin and comment on them with good quality incisive comments

Ask people to Like and share the blog posts…..  <=== thank you to all of you that do it!

Thats pretty much all I do and it’s it’s usually enough to get my posts noticed and traffic to them. Occasionally i’ll throw in something  a little different like the like and reveal plugin I used for the fact of the week last week.


3. Isolate Yourself When You Need to Work

I am writing this in my office with the door closed, a DO NOT DISTURB Sign on the door  the only thing open on my iMac is Text Edit (the mac version of notepad) and all i have next to me are the notes i scribbled in my note book while I was planning this post. When I planned the post I was sat outside with no phone or other distractions.

Despite the best intentions we can all get distracted by email, Skype , phone calls,  Civilization V  (love the new Gods and Kings expansion pack!) and Golf…  I had plans to record 5 videos last week and got a series of phone calls, which all said “Mark do you want to play golf today” well it would have been rude not to wouldn’t it!  So none of them got recorded but I played golf Saturday, monday , wednesday, friday and Saturday..basically I played golf more than Tiger Woods last week!  I am lucky to the extent that I can pretty much set my own schedule but that in itself can be a problem as it give me too much latitude and I can find excuses not to work.

However when it comes down to the time I need to work I have no qualms in isolating myself and creating what I call a sterile environment which just contains everything I need to work and nothing more, I’ll even go as far as turning off my ADSL router . If I need a stock image or something online I’ll make a note on a piece of paper and add a place holder. I do have plans that when the new iMacs are released I will get one then turn this one into a machine with just the tools I need to write and create products, nothing more, a totally distraction free Workstation

This week I have planned what I need to do and I know when I am working, when I am doing my day to day admin and when I am recharging my batteries. If it’s not on the list it’s not happening.

Below is The original post from 18 months ago, you may still find some useful tips

Please share or comment on this post if you found it useful!… Thank you

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 It’s often the little things that make life easier so here are some tips to help make each day easier and give you more time to work on what you want to work on.

1. Use a password management tool. I use Lastpass which is free and I can access my sites from anywhere, no searching around for those elusive passwords and no need to use easy to remember passwords making your site security much easier.

2. Create a “Site build” folder on your PC so you can upload all your regularly used plugins themes and settings when you build a site. If you create it what the same file structure as you wordpress blogs you can upload it all with 1 click of a mouse.

3. Use a site management tool to upgrade all you sites at once, I hate having to go to all of my sites every time WordPress do an upgrade or an updated plugin is released. I use WordPress Mass Updater to update all my sites at one. This can literally save me hours.

4. Focus on the Sites that make you Money this is an old one that I’ve mentioned many times before and is a bit more longterm that the other 4 tips. If you have a site that makes $3 a day in adsense or one that makes $30 from clickbank sales 5 days each month work on the Clickbank site. Doing so will generate more cash for you that you can then invest in promoting the less profitable sites.

5. Outsource your backlinking, seriously life it too short to spend hours getting hundreds of backlinks when there are so many places and ways to get good quality backlinks. Good backlinking tools are usually expensive so instead of spending $150 to buy the tool find someone with the tool already to do the backlinks for you.

Sites like Fiverr and the Warrior Forum are full of people offering backlinks cheaply, whether you want high PR links .edu links profile links, links on a private blog network, blog comments or any of the other myriad ways of getting backlinks there will be someone willing to do the work for and provide you with the reports cheaply.

I know that I get far more links when I pay someone else to do it than if I try to do it myself.

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