Working Smarter Part 2

In the post I made on monday There was a link from the old article for a piece of wordpress updating software, unfortunately it was no longer available.

I spoke to Dave the creator and he informed me he had a new version coming out this week, so i got a copy to test.

It’s called NIche Site Updater

This is without a doubt the most useful software I’ve seen in years.

I actually updated all my sites today with 1 click of a button!

I know your not stupid, so you’ll appreciate how important it is to keep your sites up to date but like me I bet you don’t do it  often enough (errr ever!)

Not only that but the training videos are better than many courses I’ve bought and if i’d watched them first It would have been an even quicker process.

Below you’ll find a video review .. I can’t recommend it high enough if you have more than 6 or 7 sites.

It’s currently priced at $17 but going up to $27


NIche Site Updater

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