Time for an update..Affiliate sites.

By Mark / March 16, 2007

I really need to get my act together and keep this blog updated! Over the past 2 months I’ve been really busy with my Personal mentoring membership site, My Plr article site and I’ve moved into affiliate marketing in a big way.

I am pretty much letting my adsense sites die now and any that I do build are based on high quality unique content with adsense added as almost an afterthought. Adsense is far from dead but the time and effort you need to expend to make a site earn $5 a day is not really worthwhile any longer. Compare that to an affiliate site which might take the same amount of time and effort but by choosing the right product the rewards are much higher.

For example I know a product that pays $20 commission and converts at just over 3.5% For every 100 people that go to the site I earn just over $60. Take the same niche and an adsense site, for every 100 people that go there i may get 20 people click on an advert If I could earn $1 per click I would still only earn $20 And trust me when I say that $1 clicks are pretty rare in most niches.

If I wish to earn more money I can create an adwords campaign and drive traffic to the site immediatly. If you haven’t yet thought about creating an affiliate site you really should give it some serious thought. Also don’t let the thought of adwords or the horror stories of people losing thousands of dollars put you off trying an ad campaign. For the past 2 weeks I have been running 5 campaigns testing some theories and I’ve spent less than $20 so far. These campaigns are earning me $40 to $60 a day.

Keep checking back i am currently producing a step by step guide to Affiliate marketing aimed at the complete newbie.

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