10 Things That Pros Know or Do

When I started in Internet marketing I didn’t have a clue what I should be doing buying products did fill in some gaps but there was more that I was missing. I then got into the habit of watching exactly what the gurus were doing not what they were selling and those gaps soon got filled so here are some things that the guru’s know AND do.

1. They know you can can take an idea from someone else for example a book  and expand on it to create a top selling product. Many of the top marketers have never had an original Idea in their lives but know how to bring a unique spin to an idea and promote it to a wider audience.  Bad marketers will try to do this but just end up copying another product.

2. They know there is high value in sites like Mixergy or Udemy that publish content from some of the best brains in other businesses. What works for a silicon Valley start up may also work for you

3. They know that investing in good quality staff pays dividends 10 times over. It’s tempting to hire that $2 an hour outsourcer from the Philippines but the impact on you business will be minimal compared to the 10% you pay your JV manager or the $5,000 you pay for a sales page.

4. They know that there are more ways to sell products than clickbank and wso’s , once again Udemy, Mixergy, Mindvalley  and even Appsumo give them access to new markets and new ideas.

5. They know that you need to test , test and test some more, in fact they test everything. They split test emails, and landing pages, they’ll split teat price points and download pages. If it’s part of their business they’ll test it. I’ve not met a top name marketer who didn’t know his most recent conversion rates.

6. They network as if their lives depended on it, I’ve not met a “guru” who hasn’t be happy to spend time with people who they don’t know and they are genuinely interested in what you do. They realise that the guy who just sold 30 copies of his first WSO may well be the same guy who sells 10,000 copies of a similar product in 18 months time.

7. They take action , if they are in the office they are working, even if it’s just 2 or 3 day’s a week thats their work time and they they work and don’t leave until they are finished. If they have to do a promotion or record a video they do it

8. Some of you may not believe this but they know that good customer service is paramount, they have teams of customer service reps who work to ensure that your questions are answered effectively and efficiently

9. They know not to take negative comments personally and that refunds are just part of the “game’

10. …. I’ll leave this one to you, let me know below what you think separates the top marketers from the rest of us


BONUS’s Galore

Bonus 1.

Hell yeah it’s bonus time….  I recorded another podcast with Paul Forcey earlier in the week and if you’ve listened to any of our old podcasts you’ll know that we don’t hold back with our views and that we’ll occassionaly make you laugh.


Download Podcast

Bonus 2. Mastering Multisites

I created this bonus for my subscribers and blog readers and it’s about how to use the WordPress Multisite function effectively …

Mastering Multisites

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  1. says

    Great list Mark and that Podcast is the work of two genius minds..or deranged ones!

    Customer service and the way some people make things very personal are the things that can eat at you when you do a few products but once you learn to include lots of training videos and manuals then it is a bit easier.

    I would also say that the more products you have out there the better as they do all seem to cross pollinate.



    Obviiously deranged!


  2. Rob says

    Hi Mark,
    I love the format of the post. I like the direction you are taking. What you just said does not just apply to the IM world. I have seen business people applying those ideas more or less. The basics to success still the same.
    Now to listen to the podcast… I have a feeling it will be very entertaining.


  3. says

    Hi Mark and Paul, loved the podcast, listened to the end – good antidote to the Olympics.

    IM is on a product/technology lifecycle – classical marketing curve. But there’s always going to be lessons learned that will be useful to newbies. A curve can always be recalibrated.

    Mark – I am shocked that you like Starbucks!!! ;)

    Paul – I love your hanging out at the library idea. Maybe that could help resurrect UK libraries.

    Keep up the good work.




    Tess, we have 1 starbucks in about 300 miles… scarcity makes you crave things :)


  4. says

    Hi Mark

    Thanks so much for your valuable post and the interview with Paul Forcey (whom I think the world of). Also thanks for the valuable info on setting up multisites, you are the first person who has given out this information as far as I know.

    Do you think, because the main site and satellite sites are on the same hosting, that this would impact the effectiveness of this stategy.

    Many thanks
    Wendy Owen recently posted..What’s the Advantage of Vacuums With Washable Filters?My Profile



    Wendy, the fact that the saites aren’t on the same domain has no impact whatsoever as you are linking them together. It’s similar to google indexing and ranking 2 pages from a site which is something they do all the time


  5. says

    I agree with most of the points you have made here except that there are many IMs I know, who have done well with outsourced services, yes-from Philippines and India. There are times when you can get lucky-get a good contractor for less.
    Great post otherwise. Looking forward to more!


  6. says

    Fantastic post Mark, thanks for the hints on Udemy, given me some great ideas that one…

    My number 10 tip would be this:

    The top guys do basics really really well. whilst they may sell the cool super ninja shit and the latest widget and trick, they do the basics of blogging, paid advertising, video marketing, solid sales copy etc etc…

    “Don’t do whats cute, do what sells”

    I am gonna try do the drive over to Marbella in the next few weeks to hook up with Paul Mort again for that beer… hopefully Paul will not be on the waters again! ;o) LOL

    Tim Goodwin recently posted..The Karate Kid Would Suck At BusinessMy Profile



    Great point.. See you when you get to marbella


  7. says

    Great checklist. I think that most marketers have a great potential succeed but they are not keen enough to tweak their ideas into income generating solutions. Thanks.



    You are right.. It’s not the knowledge that’s important it’s the execition


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