Internet Marketing – The New Wild West

Internet marketing the new wild westWelcome to the Wild West.

There was a time in America’s history when the west opened up and thousands of family’s who had a relatively good life on the east coast headed west to seek a new life. They went from a place where there was law and order, rules and regulation to a place where there was pretty much no law, and it was every man woman and child for themselves.

It was sink or swim time… (That’s enough of the mixed metaphors for today)

The guys with the most guns generally won and also set the rules and regulations if they then decided that they didn’t like them they just changed them, because they could and there was no one to tell them that it was wrong.(Disclaimer ..this history lesson has been bought to you by The High Chaparral and Bonanza.. If you haven’t heard of them …get the box sets!!)

This is very similar to what we are going through in the world of internet marketing at the moment.

Why did you spend the last few years getting hundreds of backlinks to your sites?

Let me Guess because Google said that what they wanted?

Now that google have changed their mind and too many people were doing what they originally wanted they decided that it was time for new rules.

They aren’t alone in this Facebook is just as culpable and in fact maybe even more so.

Facebook has spent the last few years telling businesses to set up fan pages and drive traffic to them, this was a great idea all your fans would see your content on their walls and be able to stay connected with you.

Now they have decided that they will only show your posts to a selection of fans if you want more to see them then you’ll need to pay.

Let me go over that one again…. I now have to pay so that the people who said that they wanted to see my posts can see my posts!

Does that sound just a bit wrong to you?

If you want to know more about that little doozy then check out ed dales excellent post “There is Something Wrong In The State of Facebook

Personally I don’t mind paying something after all Facebook is free, I do object to them encouraging us to get fans then making us pay for the privilege of getting out content out there. Charge me $10 – $50 per month for a fan page I’d be happy to pay

The algorithm that controls this Edgerank is a good idea as it is supposed to help keep our FB walls keep relatively free of crap but it’s not perfect, far from it, It relies on other people to give FB input on what it should display

I like to keep upto date with IM stuff and SEO stuff so i’ll happily read anything on my wall about that but the problem comes when my friend and fans like cute kitten pictures .

So my friend Sarah has a cute cat picture and she posts it and all her feline loving friends think it great so they “Like It” and comment saying things like “awwwww cutuuuuuutttttteeee” Facebook’s algorithm thinks wow that’s popular look at how many people commented and liked it in the last 3 hours I had better share it with lots more people.

At the same time my friend John shares a really important report on how Google are changing how the deal with link spam. 3 people “Like It”  the algorithm thinks that it must not be of much interest so  I won’t share it as much.

The end result is that we all get lots of cat pictures and very little important information… It’s a lot like news stations who believe that Lindsay Lohans latest escapade is worthier news than hundreds of people dying in Aleppo over night.

Right that seemed to go off track a bit didn’t it!

The point is that a few big companies are making the rules and changing them when they want, they are big enough to do whatever they want and no one is going to stop them. There is very little law and order in the internet at this time , it will come but until then we have to regulate ourselves and do the right thing.

So what are you going to Like Today? A picture of a kitten or some good content?

So lets start to try to bring a bit or regulation to the Wild West by becoming our own regulators it’s simple to do and doesn’t take much time:

If you like something then share it (yes even cat pictures )
If you like it or don’t like it and agree or disagree then comment and give your reasons and opinions.
If you come across spam then highlight it
If you don’t like the emails someone sends don’t just ignore them unsubscribe (yes even mine, I’d rather you unsubscribed than ignored them)

It takes very little time and Imost of the steps above will indicate to Google and Facebook that the post/video/cat picture has value .

For cool pictures of Kittens check out my Facebook page and of course Like it….if you like it!

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  1. says

    Hey Mark great post. I didn’t know about Facebook asking you to pay for fans to see your content, kinda sneaky huh!

    I’m on a traffic mission at the moment and was planning to build a Facebook fan page for my blog……wondering if it is worth doing now. I’ll go and have a proper read of Ed’s post.

    And yes I agree with you about fluffy kittens and puppies…..very cute but they don’t increase you bottom line ;)
    Michelle Stevens recently posted..Where Is All The Traffic Hiding?My Profile



    Michelle, I do think that a facebook fanpage is worth doing.


  2. says

    I agree it is like the wild west (again) but I actually think that all this change could be a good thing , well now I have got over being so bloody annoyed about it all I do.

    We have all come to rely on G and Facebook, we buy courses, we build links, we share share share. All hoping to get traffic to the same types of sites that others are building.

    Open your eyes and look around you, people are earning money in the weirdest ways and a lot of them have no need for Google, or even Facebook..

    Rather than blindly doing what we have been doing forever, look for new things to do. People need help out there, so help them!

    Sell bullets to the gunslingers, profit and no risk of getting shot..
    Paul Forcey recently posted..Facebook Bots Taking Over The WorldMy Profile


  3. Erik says

    Sounds to me like Facebook is just trying to make money and please their relatively new stockholders who haven’t been pleased since they got wrung dry to buy stock when it went on the market.

    Wonder how long before G+ follows suit? Sure, they’re not as popular Facebook, but let’s face facts:
    1) It’s Google
    2) Google is at least 1 Gazillion times greedier than Facebook (and that’s pretty greedy)…

    Hell, that’s greedier than Frank Kern, Mike Filsamine, Brad Fallon, Brad Brad Callen and any other “IM Guru” you can name rolled into one and multiplied by a million.



    Erik, I know very little about stocks and shares but even to me FB was vastly over valued and anyone taking a few minutes research would have know that… by research I mean trying to get an ad approved :)


  4. says

    Mark, love this post! I think it’s interesting that people have become even more apathetic about interacting with information on the internet just because they see so much of it. Maybe that’s why only kitten pictures get likes or RT–people are broken out of their apathy for just a second. I’ll be thinking of this post as I go about my internet reading today. Thanks for taking the time to post this! :)
    Ginny Soskey recently posted..[REPORT] Pinterest on Track to Beat Out Yahoo! Organic Traffic in AugustMy Profile



    Ginny, I was just reading the post on your blog thats link in your comment… there seems to be quite a significant drop in googles organic traffic since january… Over 4% I would have thought that that is a bigger “story” than Pinterest :)


    Ginny Soskey

    Thanks for checking it out, Mark! Google’s traffic definitely a trend to keep watching, but it’s still a huge chunk of the pie. I just thought it was incredibly interesting to see such a young social network about to beat out Yahoo–it was one of the top search engines when I was younger and it’s interesting to see how it’s changed. :)
    Ginny Soskey recently posted..[REPORT] Pinterest on Track to Beat Out Yahoo! Organic Traffic in AugustMy Profile


  5. says

    Sounds like a bunch of whining from IM’ers. Google has just done what the IM crowd has done for years- give something away for free and then charge them for it. Isn’t that we do with bonus products, free courses, trial periods, etc? Mark just wrote a post about OTO’s after purchasing a product, but can we, the IM crowd, complain when it is done to us?

    As to Facebook getting it wrong, I don’t think so. Facebook is, as Facebook does. Facebook is not a platform for serious business discussions. Its a platform for silly cat pictures, posting what you had for dinner, where you are standing in line (or queued up for you Brits), how wasted you got last night, etc. Facebook was and is written by 20 years olds for 20 year olds. And if we are now 30, 40, or 50 years old, to use Facebook we must interact with extended adolescence.

    Now excuse me, I must go to Facebook and post a picture of the bowl of oatmeal that I had breakfast.


    Bill (LoneWolf) Nickerson

    Mark’s point here is that Facebook changed the rules after the fact. Not that they’re selling something extra, but that they’re selling what they already gave away.

    People “like” a fan page. That means that they want to see what is on that page. This is the way it has been since fan pages were created. Now the page admins need to pay or the fans don’t get to see what is there. And the fans don’t even know about it.

    It was never promoted as a trial period. It was never promoted as something that would be paid for down the line. This would be like the free eBook you downloaded to get on someone’s list suddenly becoming unreadable after a couple weeks unless you paid for it. That would be alright if it was promoted that way (i.e. “free trial”) but not otherwise.

    But this is the way of the new robber barons. And we do well to remember that any platform that we don’t control can be changed or disappear at any point.
    Bill (LoneWolf) Nickerson recently posted..The 3 Little Pigs for the Modern AgeMy Profile


  6. says

    A little integrity goes a long way. Now if we can just get all of our Internet friends to force a little integrity on Facebook and Google maybe we will get lucky and some of it will rub off on them. Sure that may be wishful thinking but one thing for sure it is not going to hurt up using a little integrity in our Internet endeavors.
    David Nettles recently posted..4ch RC HelicopterMy Profile


  7. says

    I could not have it said any better than you just did.
    Written by 20 years olds for 20 years olds….
    Bottom line: Use it, if it produces some results for you..
    Leave it if it doesn’t.
    It’s just like any other tool…and that’s all it is.
    Chris recently posted..What you think today is importantMy Profile


  8. says

    @ Daryl
    You hit the nail on the head! The only reason why I even joined Facebook is because my son had posted all of the pictures of my granddaughter on there, or else I wouldn’t have joined it all! I don’t have time to be sitting around hitting “like” on every cute dog or cat picture!
    Cindy recently posted..2 Great Ways to Get a Man to Love MeMy Profile


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