Internet Marketing – This is NOT a Spectator Sport

This is not a spectator SportI was creating a post in WordPress Goldmine this morning about some Masterclasses i’ll be running over the next few months and I wrote on the initial post. That I expected people who joined to actually take part as “This Is Not A Spectator Sport” as soon as I wrote that line I knew that I would be writing a blog post about it today.

How many products have you bought and read and not even tried to implement?

How many times have you read something and thought Wow thats good ….and not done anything?


Killing It With Kindle

If you read last weeks post titled Fight Fight Fight and read the comments you’ll have seen people saying that they were making money with kindle publishing what you won’t have seen is the related thread in WordPress Goldmine which is well over 100 posts long where people discuss how they are making money. One of our members sits down each day and writes 4000 – 8000 words which has enabled him to build a 4 figure income in the past 2 months from kindle,  why?

Because he realises that kindle publishing is not a spectator sport. You have to take part to make money

Doing The Do

Paul Forcey attended the 1kaday seminar in las Vegas last weekend and in his report about it he mentions one of the speakers (Mario Brown I think) who worked everyday until he generated $4000 a month, Then he hustled even harder until he got to $10,000 a month.

I could sit here everyday looking at Facebook and playing Civilisation V and listening to podcasts and I wouldn’t make a single cent. But I know that by writing blog posts , posting daily tips to my Facebook page and promoting my products and researching new products I can make money.

 Action = Results

I think you get the idea, I know people who I met 7 years ago who wanted to make money online and they still haven’t managed to make a full-time income from it, yet I’ve met people who started 6 months ago who have made $10,000 in the past month.

I have a really good friend here in spain who is not into IM 99.9% of you reading this will know more about Internet Marketing.  He runs a holiday rental company and recently built a website to list the properties. A few months back he was sat at a table with myself and a few of my IM friends having a beer and we were talking about article marketing and driving traffic using articles. He went home and that weekend wrote a series of articles about local landmarks, night clubs and about what to do on holiday here and posted them on his site. Many of those now rank number one in google and drive traffic to his rentals.  He’s having one of his busiest years.

Why, because he got out of the grandstand and got into the game.

This is NOT a Spectator Sport

I know you’ve heard all this from me before but it really makes sense, so put down the beer, throw the hot dog away come and join us in the game…. It’s more fun that watching!

If you are a member of WordPress Goldmine check out this thread and tell me what masterclass training you want and we’ll start next week

If you aren’t a member this is your time to join it will cost you $1 for the first 7 days and then just $19.95 a month…  There are now almost 100,000 posts in WPG so not only will you get awesome training you also have an incredibly useful resource at your finger tips.  Try WordPress Goldmine

Finally watch out for a Video post tomorrow… You’ll see something cool that is going to change the way I do my marketing.

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